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Nearly thirty Asian geek. Graduated SUNY Oneonta in 2003 with a BA in Computer Art. I've been designing websites since the late 90s, though admittedly, most of them sucked. I'd like to think that I've improved greatly since then, of course.

astrumignis ::
Astrumignis.com was purchased through Interscot in 1999. It's my oldest domain and as such started with a pretty lame design that was up for a very long time. The last incarnation of this site featured an over-grunged image of Emma Caulfield.

The current version features an original image titled "Starfire," which I created from photos I have taken. Yes, that means everything on this site, with the exception of any fonts used and images in other people's link banners, are mine. No stealie.

what's an "astrumignis"? ::
The name of this site comes from the Latin words for star (astrum), and fire (ignis). Starfire was my old design name, but when I registered the domain, I noticed that there were a lot of companies out there named "Starfire," so... slight name switch. Currently, I attach the names to certain projects that I work on.

will you design a site for me? ::
Everything you want to know can be found on the commissions page.

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