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If you have any comments, questions, or would like to report an error, you can contact me at kabegahmi@yahoo.com

Site Disclaimers: Buffy & Angel belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, the WB, Sandollar, and FOX. Gargoyles belongs to Disney/Buena Vista. The X-Men belong to Stan Lee, Marvel Entertainment, and FOX. All individual wallpapers carry their own disclaimers. I don't own anything except my original works.

What's a kabagami?
Kabagami is a Japanese word meaning "wallpaper." I found it mildly appropriate for this site.

These are cool! How'd you make 'em?
Photoshop 5.5, all the way! And, occassionally, Bryce 4. Lots of layering and fiddling with whatnots to get the desired effect. It takes me anywhere from 6-8 hours for each one, which is why I'll get really, really annoyed if I find these elsewhere and have not been given credit.

Can I use your wallpapers on my site?
Yup, as long as you link back to me with a banner or even a textlink and don't edit them (like cutting off my name at the bottom *grr*). If you really, desperately need to do some kind of editing, please e-mail me and ask before hand. I'll probably say yes.

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