Brand Spankin' New

04 August 03

  • Another long break between updates. I've added two wallpapers to Anthros - one Aragorn and one Chris Cornell. Enjoy!

21 January 03

  • Long time no update, huh? This newest piece was inspired by a manip of Legolas (LotR) & Sydney (Alias) at Scarred Autumn. Darkstar made a request, even though I'd already thought about doing it. So, here we go, have a look. I'm sick I need help.

14 October 02

  • Okay, somehow let this one slip by. Made about 2 months ago before m,y computer got reformatted, a lovely background featuring an image of Michael Vartan & Jennifer Garner from Entertainment Weekly. Lots of brushes and grundgy things.

22 August 02

  • No real 'net access and I still manage to update this site. Keen. Added a wallpaper to Anthros featuring Kim De Lury as Conchobar from Witchblade. The lyrics are from the the song "Sara" by Grant Lee Phillips. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am feeding both my Grant Lee and Kim De Lury addictions.

13 July 02

  • It's been a long time since my last update, huh? I've been working on some special wallpapers for specific sites, which I'll post links to once they're posted on their respective sites. For now, I've added another Marie & Logan manip, as requested by darkstar. It was made from a pretty popular La Femme Nikita poster. Have a look at the finished product here.

2 April 02

  • Added two new wallpapers, one I did a while back and another I made for a request. The old one is a manip of a pic of Clare Kramer from Maxim, but I threw it in Leftovers because it's so distorted. Q requested a wallpaper of rapper Q-Tip and it took two people to help me get the brightness right. It's here.

20 January 02

  • Was gonna wait until I finished the next one, but I made a Dido wallpaper. Kinda gotta love it.

18 January 02

  • Wow, three wallpapers in as many days. This time I've posted one of the swoonable Goran Visnjic of ER and another of the Alias hottie, Michael Vartan. Drool on, girls. Geez, I gotta make some desktops for people who swing the other way.

15 January 02

  • Of course I have a new obsession - Orlando Bloom. And accordingly I have made an Orli wallpaper. Mmm...

10 November 01

  • Wow, it's been a full 3 months since I last updated. Been busy with school work and all that jazz, but I've just posted wallpaper versions of projects that I've been working on for Digital Print.
  • Candle Light; Pyromancer - two experiments with rendering lighting in Photoshop. I loosely followed a tutorial using model shots I found on the 'Net. "Candle Light" looks like a photo with a blur applied, and "Pyromancer" looks like a fantasy painting. *shrug*
  • Spaced; Shadow - both are collages. Basically me playing with the layer settings.

08 August 01

  • Having a blast with the X-Men RPG at my message board and was inspired to draw chibi versions of the three orignal characters: Cassandrea (RPed by moi), Sarah (RPed by Jen), and Max (RPed by Nacey). I made a wallpaper with colored versions of the drawings.

30 July 01

  • Uploaded two versions of a Swordfish image manipulation. Thanks to Karen for the pic. Deejay also did a manip of the image. Check it out.
  • I had two requests for wallpaper that I was more than happy to fill. For Terri: a Beast desktop featuring all the different incarnations of Henry McCoy. For Victoria P.: one of Nick B. and another of Xander through 5 seasons ...'cause I couldn't decide which I liked better.
  • Added a wallpaper version of my Sahara Ad, a 3D modeling project I did for Computer Art II.

08 July 01

  • Finished the X-Men: Evolution series I've been working on. Still not completely satisfied with it, but I've been messing with it long enough. Enjoy.
    Thanks to Sez, Nacey, and Cordy for their feedback during preproduction ;).
  • Finally added a couple links. I've been putting that off for a while, but both of these sites are the kick. ^_^

17 June 01

  • I was bored - well okay, I was procrastinating - and did a little L/R manip from a pic of Anna from Telegraph and the Rebecca Romajin & Hugh cover pic from EW. It came out so well, I wanted it on my desktop, so... new wallpaper. Lookie here.

22 May 01

  • Added a new Ewan McGregor (as Christian from Moulin Rouge) piece which was requested by my dear friend, Sez. (Hope you like it, chica! ^_^)
  • Moved two pieces from Leftovers to Anthros, 'cause they just didn't make sense where they were.

28 April 01

  • I finally finished my Computer Art II project -- my version of Albrecht Durer's Melancholia I. It's also a little peace offering to soothe the tensions on the WaRList. Check it out.

02 April 01

  • You know, I was gonna do another version of that Wolvie & Rogue pic I posted yesterday, but didn't know if there was a demand. (Not that I usually care.) Well, Jenn demanded, so I supplied! Check it out.

01 April 01

  • Happy April Fools Day! In honor of this wacky holiday, I've added a wallpaper of Comic!Wolvie & Comic!Rogue gettin' their groove on. Check it out.

18 March 01

  • Okay, so the site has only been open for a week and I already moved it. But it's going on a paid host, with lots of space and my brand-spakin' new domain name. So, yipee!
  • Added a yummy Hugh Jackman wallpaper. You can find it in Anthros or X-Men.

6 March 01

  • Well, since the site just opened, everything's new. So go on, check out everything!

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