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27 december 2004
Many thanks to Jen for updating the Mutant Academy archive up to page 43! I'm a lazy cow and without her it would never have gotten done.

22 february 2004
Many thanks to SeijiTataki for updating the Mutant Academy archive up to page 31 and adding the character sheet for Derek Chen.

1 june 2003
Updated the Mutant Academy archive up to page 26. Thanks to SeijiTataki for the help!

30 june 2002
Added four images to the NPC guide, updated Sarah's sheet.

25 june 2002
Updated the Mutant Academy archive and NPC guide. Posted character sheets for Annie Gallagher and Cameron McMannus and updated Cassie's sheet. Added two images to the gallery.

4 march 2002
Added the non-playable characters guide to Mutant Academy. Don't ask about the NPCs. I don't know why they're called that. Just go look at the pretty pictures.

25 february 2002
Fixed some typos in the Mutant Academy archive. Added page 14 to the MA archive. Currently working on a guide for the non-playables in MA.

28 january 2002
Updated the Mutant Academy archive, which is now up to 13 pages. Woohoo!

16 september 2001
Added character sheet for Maera Kendrick, being roleplayed by AllyGirl.

7 august 2001
Super deformed versions of Cassandrea, Sarah, and Max by Amezri now in the Gallery.

6 august 2001
Three more posts added to Mutant Academy.

5 august 2001
Added three more drawings by Nancy Lorenz and one new post to Mutant Academy.

3 august 2001
Created the Gallery with one drawing of Max & Sarah by Nacey. We're now on page 3 of Mutant Academy.

28 july 2001
Added the character sheet for Max Stockard and more posts in Mutant Academy.

25 july 2001
I should clear this up. There really was no reason to create this archive other than the fact that I had the urge to. There's only one other poster besides myself, but I hope that there'll be more soon. I've added a free-for-all RP this afternoon and that should draw a larger crowd.

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