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tuesday, may 22

This long. Really, really long. Go get some popcorn or something. Please forgive any typos.. it's late and I can't spell.


Oh. Oh dear. I can't believe they did it!! I CAN'T BELIEVE this! They killed her! I mean, I always joked about it, but I didn't really mean it. This isn't like "Prophecy Girl" where she was dead for a minute and Xander brought her back. It's just so unfair! She beat Glory! Then that damned slimey, snarky, Doc comes and makes Dawn bleed, opening the portal. Poor Spike! He tried to help Dawnie, honoring his promise to Buffy, but that damned lizard thing pushed him off the scaffold. Heh, all the Bufster had to do was give him a good shove. Th-then she jumped! Oh gods. And there was crying. Lots of crying. Spike, Giles, Dawn. Me.

Ripper came out this week and it was kinda scary. Giles had to kill Ben because Buffy couldn't do it. "She's a hero, you see." In all honesty, I'm glad he did it. Giles was right when he said that Glory would come back for vengence, so he removed the threat. Still very creepy.

And Spike. Spike.. "I know you can't love me, but you treat me like a man," he said to Buffy. I think that if the chip gets somehow removed next season, he won't turn on them. At least I hope not. He's been through a lot with the Scoobies. Big deal if he doesn't have a soul. He loved Dru, didn't he? There's no reason he wouldn't stick around, if only to protect Dawn like he promised Buffy.

Willow's getting wicked powerful, but she's still the insecure girl we all met way back in season 1. When Buffy tells Willow that she's depending on her, that she's their "big gun" since she's the only who's ever hurt Glory, Willow freaks a bit, harking back to her "Becoming, Part 1" cry of, "I don't wanna be our only hope! I crumble under pressure! Let's have another hope." But Willow reversed the crazy mind thing Glory did to Tara (thank gods), which weakens Glorificus, and does mind projecting telepathy stuff, telling Spike to go to Dawn. Oh, don't forget the parting of the angry mob. Big wow.

Xander proposed to Anya and saves Buffy's ass by hitting Glory with a big wrecking ball. Go, glorified brick layer! :D I'm really impressed with how far the Xand Man's come since his high school days. Sure, his fashion sense is so much worse than it was when we first met him, but he's matured, really he has. Most importantly: he's no longer the butt-monkey. Er.. less frequently anyway.

You know, I wasn't going to watch Buffy when it moves to UPN next season, but I just might have to now. If only to see how they bring her back. They have to bring her back.

Glory: Hey did everyone know that the Slayer's a robot?


Speaking of no longer watching Buffy, at the beginning of the season, when the whole Dawn thing blew-up, I was kind of annoyed. A little sister? Come on. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't like some of the really dense people who were crying, "Buffy doesn't have a sister! Does Joss think we're stupid?" No, Joss doesn't think you're stupid, but ya are! Obviously, Buffy doesn't really have a sister. Anyone who's been watching the show knows that. It's called a plot device. On top of that, I wasn't a big Michelle Trachtenberg fan. I know a kid who went to high school with her and he didn't have anything good to say about Miss Center-of-the-Universe-Because-I'm-An-Actress, but I'm really impressed. The girl can act. Much better than the ice queen that plays her older sister. The only reason I cried at the end of the finale was because of Dawnie. I couldn't give a flying frell what Buffy was feeling. Like during the other tragedy this season - the death of Joyce Summers. That was wrong. Very, very wrong. I know that Kristine Sutherland had to go back to Italy or something, but did they have to kill her? Couldn't she have gone on an extensive museum artifact buying venture or something? You didn't have to kill her! *sob* Why, Joss, why? *sniffle*

Getting back to the point: Sarah Michelle Gellar is a terrible actress (or it's been really noticable lately). I didn't cry during the scenes of Buffy mourning the loss of her mother, though I probably should have. I really fell apart when Willow was having a clothes fit and Anya just couldn't understand why Joyce was dead. Later, when she had her nervous breakdown, I didn't flinch. I sighed and felt bad, yeah, but not really really. All during the season I was joking that Buffy should die and Faith should come and replace her. I was practically begging for it to be true when I heard that Buffy was moving to UPN next fall. "Wouldn't it be funny if they killed Buffy and then handed UPN a star-less show?" I joked. Um.. well, it's not so funny now.

As promised, this season was about the characters finding out where they fit into the grand scheme of things. Xander learns that he's not just a worthless goof and that he's ready for a real relationship, asking Anya to marry him. Willow discovers her untapped powers and finds true love in Tara. Anya.. well, Anya's blending a bit more and has discovered that she has a knack for cashiering. Giles learns that he'd better have a side job because Buffy's grown up and doesn't really need a Watcher anymore.. so he buys a magic shop. Spike has gone through so much since his days as the Big Bad, and for a lot of this season, most of it made look like a pansy-assed twit. But I think he really found a spot with the Scoobies, or at least with the Summers' - he mourned Joyce's death like everyone and he stuck by Dawn. Dawn. Dawnie. What can I say? She was the Key. Buffy, however, went on a vision quest and discovered that "death is [her] gift," and she used that to save her sister. Screw the rest of the world, Buffy sacrificed herself to save Dawn.

Stuff I liked: Willow and Tara, probably my fave canon 'shipp, even more than Angel & Buffy, which at this point makes me wanna yak (it's over people). Spike and Dawn: cute, very, very cute, and I think beneficial to Spike, which the Buffy thing wasn't (see below). Xander no longer being the butt-monkey. Harmony. They should bring her back if only for comic relief. This year's pseudo-crossovers ("Fool for Love" & "Darla"), especially the bit where Spike explains that Buffy has a death wish (which, as it turns out, is true). Of course, I'm a Spikeaholic, so...

Stuff I didn't like: Dracula - that was the crappiest season premiere ever. Joyce being offed; that was so wrong. The Glory thing seemed a little off in the beginning, but I guess it worked out okay. The Glory-is-Ben thing was really very disturbing. Let's never do that again. Spike turning into the butt-monkey after Xander stopped being the butt-monkey. Spike and the Buffy Sex-bot was just really, really gross. In addition, the Spike-obsessed-with-the-Slayer thing was really icky. Sure, "Something Blue" was funny, but that was a spell. And Spike acted like a complete fruit.


Okay, that Lorne thing was downright weird and kinda icky. Did anyone ever read Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark? I had flashbacks on the one where the girl's head was held to her body by a ribbon. Major wiggins.

Hot damn! Giles would be proud of Wesley, I think. Wes has come a long way since his days as "Princess Margaret" on Buffy. He's a masterful tactician, even willing to sacrifice a few for the good of the many. Here's hoping there will be more of this Wesley next season and maybe some closure on the whole father issue.

Old Cordy would have been happy to stay in a land where she'd be a princess and get rid of those visions, but she's really matured and knows that she's needed elsewhere. Go, Cor!

I liked the Willow cameo... though I wish it were under better circumstances.

Gunn: We die painfully, you go to Hell, and I spend eternity in the arms of sweet baby Jesus.

Wesley: Why do people keep putting me in charge?
Gunn: I have no idea.


Evolution. That's what I think this season was about. Angel became more than just a vampire with a soul. He went from Angel to the Angel-Beast to brooding mess to full demon and back to Angel again. Rough stuff. Glad he's got such a great sense of humor though. The Darla thing was no walk in the park either. I felt bad for her, really I did. Just as she was regaining her humanity and coming to terms with dying a human death, Dru comes and revamps her. She goes on a looney killing spree (but they were just lawyers), has sex with Angel, and is disappointed to find out that she can't bring him true happiness. Maybe next time, luv.

Wesley and Cordelia have really changed the most. Both were useless, sniveling, good-for-nothings (well, Wesley, mostly), but during the course of the season they became a whole lot more. Sure, the second half of season 1 they were doing good. Season 2 was a whole new game. Wes finally grows a pair, taking charge of Angel Investigations during Angel's *ahem* absense, learns how to fight (with Gunn's help, I'm sure), and turns out to be a masterful tactician. Cordy loses the whole "me, me, me" mentality (well, mostly) and is more concerned with helping others. Hell, she's even got common sense.

Stuff I liked: The Darcilla fiasco. Christian Kane singing. Lindsey's evil hand. Angel's weird sense of humor. The Host! I'm so glad he's okay. Wesley & Virginia. Loved the Faith appearance during the premiere ep. All the scenes in Caritas.

Stuff I didn't liked: Virginia dumping Wesley. Not enough Phantom Dennis. Faith only appeared once this season. Lindsey's redneck wardrobe and the fact that he had to leave.
posted on 5/22/2001 11:59:57 PM
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monday, may 21

George W. Bush is an idiot. Obviously it's not just me. There are websites and TV shows about how stupid he is. Nope, I don't think that's been mentioned enough lately. We're heading into a possible energy crisis in the near future and what does the wacko want to do? Open more coal, oil, and nuclear power plants. Let's forget the fact that the lack of oil is causing a lot of our energy problems. Bush and his Administration would like to spend $2 billion on research into "clean coal" technology. Um, hello. It's freakin' coal! You have to burn it to get energy and there is very little amount of clean associated with burning.

So, fine, the Prez wants coal. Where do you get coal? Oh yeah, people's backyards! Or, that's how it is if you live in West Virginia, anyway. As reported by CNN, in West Virginia "mountaintop mining began more than two decades ago and has resulted in the disappearance of about 300,000 acres of tree-lined mountaintops and the burying of at least 750 miles of streams." (story here)

Oh, and I mentioned oil. Guess where good ol' George Dubbya wants to drill for oil? In an artic wildlife refuge. Is he seriously damaged? A wildlife refuge?! Come on.

You know, it's not just us, either. "Australian Greens leader Senator Bob Brown said: 'He's (Bush) come up with a combination of Exxon Valdez and Chernobyl.'" (story here) That's just frelling great. Not only do foreign powers already make fun of us because our President is a raging moron, but now they're pissed at us because our President is a raging, polluting moron.

I think the Daily Show sums it up nicely: The report itself contains 105 recommendations. Twenty of them would require congressional action, 42 would help increase conversation, and another 35 are directed at improving energy supplies and infrastructure. Of the remaining seven, four involve running the White House dishwasher in "energy saver" mode, two are rendered illegible by smeary chocolate thumbprints, and one reads simply, "I want a pony."

George W. doesn't really have a promising track record in my book. I mean, he's just finished his first 100 days and what has he accomplished? Bombed Iraq.. and missed. Pissed off the Chinese during the whole downed spy plane bit. Pissed off environmental groups with his long-term energy plan. Yeah, thanks a lot, whoever voted for him.

Bush is traveling overseas next month to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Let's hope there isn't a repeat of the embarassing incident his father caused when he yaked all over a Japanese dignitary during a dinner. Heh, and to think, the Japanese are now backing G.W.'s energy plan.

And now, just for shits and giggles, here's a transcript of a segment from the May 17, 2001 Daily Show episode ('cause I couldn't figure out how to swipe the Real file from an RTSP server):

Jon Stewart: The Bush administration released its comprehensive enrgy plan today and it's complete with more than 100 policies aimed at protecting America's endangered species, such as the rare, spotted coal millionaire, the beautiful domestic oil producer, the nearly extinct nuclear power god. But can our energy crisis be solved by a report?

Bush (footage from conference): This isn't just a report that's gonna gather dust, this is an action plan because this is an action administration.

JS: That's right.. the ACTION ADMINISTRATION! [Action Administration theme] On today's episode of Action Administration, W faces off against his archenemy: Poor Mad Lady.

Poor Mad Lady: Well, we have kids to take care of and these [gas] prices just too ridiculous.

JS: Ridiculous gas prices? Action Administration, go! [Action Administration theme]

Bush: As I said, there's over a hundred recommendations; over a hundred proposals.

JS: A hundred proposals. Thank you, Action Administration. [Action Administration theme]


JS: Democrats denounce the plan as not only not being theirs, but also not being good. DNC chair Terry McAuliffe spoke out on Good Morning America, especially on the immediate threat of blackouts in California.

Terry McAuliffe (clip from GMA): And George Bush's comment to California from day one has been "drop dead."

JS: True. But in Bush's defense, that's not nearly as rude as the time William Howard Taft told Idaho to "fuck off." Now, of course, William Howard Taft was never part of the ACTION ADMINISTRATION! [Action Administration theme] ... To further look at the environmental impact of this fine study, we turn to chief energy correspondent Steve Carell, in Washington DC. Uh, Steve, thanks for joining us. Have you had a chance to look at the environmental study?

Steve Carell: Yes. [long pause] No. But I read the last page, so I know how it ends. Actually, I believe this little policy package is going to have a profound impact on our environment.

JS: What parts of the study specifically?

SC: Well, all of it. Pages 1 to 100 are made from virgin Redwood. The rest are made from very rare teak and cherry blossom trees donated by the Japanese government. There's a pleasing aroma and it won't dry your fingertips out.

JS: Steve, I was actually talking about the content of the study.

SC: Oh, the words. Well, the ink is a deep indigo reduced from the fat of baby seals. Only healthy seals, six weeks and under. Unhealthy ones are rendered for the binding glue.

JS: Steve, what you're describing seems very wasteful to me. I mean, why didn't the Bush administration just but this up on the internet?

SC: On the internet? Jon, this is an important document. There are more than 5,000 of these that need to be sent out, packed in styrofoam, shrink wrapped in palstic and flown via individual diesel jet to their destinations.

JS: It doesn't sound like there's anything positive that can come from this report.

SC: Not true, Jon, it's a cheap source of fuel. Been doing some testing and these babies burn forever. Thick, black smoke. Acrid, unbreathable. American.

JS: Thank you Steve. We'll be right back.
posted on 5/21/2001 02:23:01 AM
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wednesday, may 16

Well, Sez has me watching the trailer for Jurassic Park 3. It looks pretty good, so I can't wait to go see it!!

Release Dates: July 12 (Argentina), July 18 (US), July 20 (Japan & UK), August 30 (Australia)
Website: Jurassic Park 3
Main Cast: Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant, Téa Leoni as Amanda Kirby, William H. Macy as Paul Kirby
Also appearing: Michael Jeter as Udesky, Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Trailers available at Rotten Tomatoes.

Jurassic Park was released in 1993. Its sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, was released in 1997. The first two were directed by Steven Spielberg, the third is being directed by Joe Johnston (October Sky, Jumanji, the Rocketeer), who also directed the visual effects for the original Star Wars Trilogy and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Thoughts on the Trailer:
"All our theories about raptor intellegence -- what they were capable of -- we weren't even close. They were smart. They were smarter than dolphins or whales. They were smarter than primates." - Alan Grant

Rich people. That's where all the problems start in these movies. First, there was Hammond and his park idea. Then there was Hammond's nephew and his San Diego park idea. Now there's Kirbys wanting to fly a charter over the island. And why does Grant go? Oh, 'cause he needs money for his research. ::rolls eyes:: The island chain is called the Cinco Muertes - Five Deaths. Hello, people. Buy a clue.

Yeah, let's land on the island. Mmm, right.

"Oooh! Ahhh! That's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming." - Dr. Ian Malcolm, The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Okay, that dino effect, where the one that "sounds bigger" than T-Rex stomps on the plane looks kinda cheesey. I think it's the arms mostly. The other effects look good though, the herd of parasaurolophus look more real. Tha raptor that jumps out at Tea looks kinda fake though.

I'm not really liking the spiney-headed raptor.. unless there's gonna be a really good explanation of it.

"We probably won't get off this island alive." - Alan Grant

Well, come on, we can't kill the Kirbys, they're played by two big stars. Or Grant obviously, so they'll make it. Oo.. maybe they will kill Téa. Wouldn't that be sweet? Yes, I've had Téa issues since that hussy married David Duchovny.

Grant: "It's a bird cage."
Amanda: "For what?"

Hmm.. ::sarcastic voice:: I wonder. Could it be those pteros they were gonna put in Lost World?

JP3, Swordfish, Moulin Rouge, Final Fantasy. This is definitely a good summer for movies.
posted on 5/16/2001 01:02:05 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

tuesday, may 15

Thoughts on Buffy and Angel at a later date. Both eps were the kick though ^_^

Unpacking sucks. I'd just like to say that even though most people already know that. You'd think that after living in the same house in the same room for over 10 years, I'd know where everything goes. Yeah, well, let me tell you that I acquired a lot of crap over my year at college and I have no clue where to put any of it. Seriously, I crammed all my books and videos together and now they're highly unorganized -- I hate that -- but I still need more room! Oh, but the truly horrid part is that I've been home for three days and have only managed to unbox and bag two of my boxes and bags. At least I got my computer set up and can now listen to the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack. Mmm.. Ewan McGregor singing. Let's pause for the lovely "Elephant Love Medley":

Ewan singing
   Nicole Kidman singing

Love is a many splendid thing
Loves lifts us up where we belong.
All you need is love.
   Please don't start that again.
All you need is love!
   A girl has got to eat.
All you need is love.
   Or she'll end up on the street!
All you need is lu-uh-ve!
   Love is just a game.
I was made for loving you, baby.
You were made for lovin' me
   The only way of lovin' me, baby,
   Is to pay a lovely fee.
Just one night, just one night.
   There's no way, 'cause you can't pay.
In the name of love.
One night in the name of love.
   You crazy fool.
   I won't give into you.
Don't leave me this way.
I can't survive without your sweet love.
Oh baby, don't leave me this way.
   You'd think that people would've had enough
   Of silly love songs
I look around me and I see it isn't so.
   Some people want to fill the world
   With silly love songs.
Well, what's wrong with that I'd like to know.
'Cause here I go again!
Love lifts us up where we belong
Where eagles fly on a mountain high.
   Love makes us act like we are fools.
   Throw our lives away for one happy day
We can be heroes just for one day.
   You, you will be mean.
No, no I won't.
   And I, I'll drink all the time!
We should be lovers.
   We can't do that.
We should be lovers and that's a fact.
   Nothing will keep us together.
We could steal time just for one day.
*We could be heroes for ever and ever.*
*We could be heroes for ever and ever.*
*We could be heroes*
Just because...
I will always love you
*I can't help but... *
   How wonderful life is now that you're in the world

Ahem.. anyway...

Next year, I think I'm gonna go Spartan - only take the stuff I really need. I mean, really, really need. Like clothes, girly supplies, my computer, the tv, and CDs. And my 'fridge. Can't forget the highly illegal toaster and hot pot. Umm.. and posters; wall decorations. Damn, the list is getting long already and I just started summer. Geez, can I be Glorificus? Then at least I'd have minions to pack and unpack for me :oP
posted on 5/15/2001 11:33:46 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

wednesday, may 9

Yes! I finally got to watch the newest Angel episodes! Spoilers and thoughts below.

I get the title.... Angel wanted to be cool, Cordy wanted to be an actress, Wes wanted to be the big, responsible leader, and Gunn wanted to go back to his old friends. They all just wanted to feel like they belonged somewhere. How poignant.

Loved the restaurant scene Angel acting all lost and.. cheap. I like this Angel, he's less broody and more goofy. Goofy Angel is a good time! *g* I feel bad for Wes. His father is a prick. Grr. Poor Wes falls all sorts of apart after that chat with dear old dad... and all he wanted to do was wish the wanker Happy Birthday.

Angel pretending to be in the sun? Hmm.. "Getting a tan. Not bursting into flames." Could be a foreshadowing of the next ep... since I saw the previews for those already ^.^* Eww, man, that commercial producer is sleazy. "I hate my whole life." Poor Cor :o( I hope Angel kills that frickin' producer. Sleazy bastard.

Angel: "Plus they got her wearing this flimsy suimsuit that covers like... nothing. ::insert lustful sigh::" Oh yeah... Can we say Cordy/Angel 'shippers?

Ahahahah!!! Power walker hit Wes 'cause she though he was disrespecting a Hacklar by killing it. "Why does everyone ask me that? Do I look okay?" - Cordy

Oh for the love of gods!! Don't read from old, dusty, books. Hmm.. so the Host's name is Lorne? Okay, his real name is.. something I can't remeber. Lorne'll do. I'm sorry that Gunn's friend died. That sucks, but can we deal with the fact that they set him ablaze in a funeral pyre? In downtown LA.

Best line: "Oh crap." -Cordy

Next week: Cordy lost on Piaeia... I mean, Pylea. or however the heck you spell it.

Cute nod to "The Wizard of Oz" with the clicking of the heals. I guess this makes Cordy the butt-monkey of the show? The dog/hellbeast thing was ookie.. I think I'd be a little more skeeved if it slobbered on me like that.

Woohoo! Daniel Dae Kim! Oh, crap, he's a Wolfram & Hart lawyer... Gavin Park. Icky. If W&H buy out the hotel, where're Angel & Co. gonna move now? :o\ I like the hotel, it's cool and spacey...maybe Angel can just offer the real estate peeps more money. Damn, Angel is gung-ho about saving Cordy without a plan. I can see the Cordy/Angel 'shipp that Michelle was talking about. I mean, I know the 'shipp has been around for a while, but this was just in-your-face Angel-loves-Cordy action.

Woohoo! Glad that Gunn changed his mind and joined the group on their rescue mission. Of course, it figures that the book wouldn't cross dimensions with them. Heh, I hope Angel's car is okay. You know how touchy he is about that kinda stuff. Um.. Cordy's their leader? That could be all sorts of interesting fun next week.

This ep was chock-full of great lines!
"Aw, crap." - The Host
"What is it out of batteries? Is this thing out of batteries?!" - Angel
"Why am I not on fire?" - Angel
"Did everybody just notice how much fire I'm not on?" - Angel
"You say impenetrable and I will kick your ass." - Gunn to Wesley

Next week: Anyone else think Angel looked like a Jem'Hadar from DS9?
posted on 5/9/2001 08:35:14 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

tuesday, may 8

::grumble:: Buffy's jumped the shark. It's so tragic.

Okay, first off.. poor Tara!! What the heck kinda crack is Joss on? It's not enough that Amber has to play an awkward, stuttering, lesbian teen Wiccan, now she has to play a psychotic, awkward, stuttering, lesbian, teen Wiccan. This better have a point. Glad Spike actually had a purpose -- driving the winnie, but it was still a purpose! And he and Xander seem to be getting along, which is good. They make for a comedic duo. And, argh, back to the "let's mortally wound Giles" phase of the show. He better not die.

And.. jeebus, the winnie chase. I'm sorry, was that as ridiculous as I thought it was? 'Cause I just about died laughing. Spike protesting Buffy, Buffy fighting on the roof, Giles trying to hit the nice horsies with the vehicle, Anya beating one of the knights with a pan (?!), and Dawn cowering in the corner. ::rolls eyes:: The only good points I recall are when Tara accidentally burned Spike with sunlight and he was all understanding and forgiving and later when Willow does her barrier spell. Will's getting good with the spells.

Next week: Buffy goes insane. No, really.

Unfortunately, I haven't watched Angel for the last two weeks. I've heard great stuff about it though.
posted on 5/8/2001 11:04:18 PM
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