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sunday, january 20

Haven't posted all December and most of January, but I'm back with my review of last week's Angel and Buffy from two weeks ago. Due to technical problems, I couldn't watch "Daddy," so I'm probably missing some canon stuff.

Spoilers for Season 3 Angel: "Birthday"

Aww! Cordy and Angel and the baby! Aww! ^_^ Cuteness and 'shippyness! I really wanna see what Angel gave her for her birthday.

Okay, Cordy's not dead, but.. like she said, she's been "body-jacked". Very weird. But, okay, if Cordy can take over other people's bodies, why can't she just get back in her own? Anyway, the 'shippers should have fun with the "Cordy was in Angel" subtext. Heh.

It's that guy! Skip, the death demon guide dude!

Damn, Lorne got the crap kicked out of him. And that hanging horn was really gross.

Cosmic OPPS?? Doyle giving her the visions was a mistake because he loved her? Huh. And Tammy had a final vision that blew out the back of her brain. Ew. And it sucks that she left before Angel really spilled his guts and said that he was afraid of her dying.

All right, so Cordy's now the star of her own Friends-like TV show. Gag me. But she still knows that she should be at the Hyperion - which is a full-scale Angel-less hotel. She knows the room - has flashes of it with the baby crib. And the message on the wall was still there.. which is strange.

Oh my god. Wesley has no arm. Wesley is missing an arm. And Angel is a psycho who gets the visions. And holy shit, she kissed him! Man, those Cordy/Angel 'shippers are gonna have a field day. Hey, wait a minute. I'm a C/A 'shipper! Waahoooo!

Wait a damn minute. They're making Cordelia part demon? What the hell? She floats! Oh damn, that's really scary. Hhahahhahahaha!

"You choose birthday gifts over my kid?" - Angel

Gunn: Come on, you telling me you never hid anything in your underwear drawer?
Fred: I dunno...I mean for five years I didn't even have--can we not talk about my underwear, please.

"How are you a champion? In what way are you a champion?" - Cordelia to Angel

Cordelia: I don't wanna die.
Skip: So don't.

"The Powers That Be popped me out of my body and sent me to a mall?" - Cordelia

"Inside every living thing there is a connection to the Powers That Be. Call it instinct, intuition - deep down we all know our purpose in this world." - Skip

Angel: You're killing here. She's unconscious and she's alone. Who knows if she's in pain?
The Conduit: It is angry. It is afraid.
Angel: I'm more afraid of her dying than she is.

"I respect what you're trying to do. It's noble and heroic and all that Russell Crowe 'Gladiator' crap." - Skip to Cordelia

End Spoilers for Season 3 Angel: "Birthday"

Spoilers for Season 6 Buffy: "Gone"

Great. Willow's in magic rehab and Dawn's a delinquent. Oh yeah, and Buffy's a Spike addict. Gag me.

Oh dear god, the social worker thinks that they have weed - Buffy almost said "magic weed"! ROFLMAO!

The Geek Trio really needs to not be in contact with anything electric. Ever.

Nice reference to Marcie Ross and "Invisible Girl." Glad that Buffy was messing with Doris' records. Hilarious! And geez, girl, messing with poor Spikey. Though the scene where Xander walks in and Buffy and Spike are doing the nasty was pretty damn funny.

I, uh, think that when Buffy cut her hair, some of her brain went with it. Then again, I really thought Willow was smarter than to go into some random basement alone and unarmed.

Sarah looks much better with shorter hair. And I think she's gained a little more weight, which is good when she was practically skeletal last season.

"This is a magic clearance. Everything must go." - Buffy

Jonathan: You penis!
Warren: Oh cheerup, Frodo.

"You know, kidding aside, Spike, you really should get a girlfriend." - Xander

End Spoilers for Season 6 Buffy: "Gone"
posted on 1/20/2002 06:20:47 PM
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