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tuesday, november 20

SPOILERS FOR ANGEL: "Offspring," "Quickening," AND "LULLABY"



So.. yeah. Darla's pregnant. I mean, we knew that at the beginning of the season. They still haven't explained how that was possible. Was Darla still human at that point? I don't remember. And what about Angel's "no little vampires" speech to Buffy in "Bad Eggs"? Someone is seriously frelling with the laws of the universe. Oh, yes. That'd be the Joss-man.

"Offspring" had definite Cordy/Angel 'shipp undertones. Cordelia seemed to be the most.. disappointed over finding out not that Angel had sex with Darla, but that he had lied to her about it. He looked her in the eye and told her that he didn't and wouldn't. So when the expecting vampire waltzed into the Hyperion, Cordy was pissed at the Poofter and sympathised with Darla. She was really hurt that Angel hadn't told her about the Darla sitch.

Angel, meanwhile, was acting like the typical male wondering how this happened and not really dealing with Darla's emotional state. I think Cordy over compensated and that led to her being a quick snack for the blond vamp. Angel sweeps in, throws Darla out the door, and promises Cordelia that he'll kill Darla for this. He doesn't, of course, because Darla gets all weepy about the child. He's such a sucker for the helpless, crying chicks.

Wesley's got emotional issues, we knew that, and Fred issues as well. But this time he had to deal with his ability to translate the scrolls properly, which he didn't in "To Shanshu in LA." As far as Wes could tell, the scrolls stated that the birth of Angel's son would bring about destruction and the child was most likely the true subject of the Shanshu prophecy. Lilah swiped the scrolls and had some other guy translate it. He told her that there would be no birth, only death. Wes and the W&H guy were both right: Angel's son was born through Darla's death.

Poor Lorne. He just got Caritas all spiffy and the place re-enchanted against demon and human violence this time. Too bad the place gets blown up right after. I wonder if the Sisters can do a spell for outside violence as well. 'Cause the Host is gonna need it.

The child. There are apparantly vampire cults who want to protect him. This is good, except that the cult wants to kill the humans and feed their blood to the baby. Darla's all for the plan until they tell her that they're going to kill her too. Then, of course, she's off her undead ass helping to fend off the cult members. Oh, yes, forgot to mention that Holtz is back as well, hunting down Angelus, and so are Wolfram & Hart. Gavin and Lilah are having a bit of a rivalry, which I think Lilah's gonna win. She's been at it longer and Gavin's a sneak, not in the same way that Lilah's a sneak. Gavin's a little weasel who's trying to wrap Angel up in red tape. Pfft. He's never going to beat Angel that way.

Speaking of the W&H plan to get Angel... that doctor was creepy. He had... chicken legs. Literally. Which is kinda funny when you know that David Boreanaz is afraid of chickens. Heh. Also, they bugged the place, which I hope the gang figures out. Gavin and his "exterminators." ::rolls eyes:: I was kinda glad when Holtz walked in and kicked all their asses.

I was glad that Fred stayed with Angel and Darla in the alley. I wish it had been Cordelia, but still, Fred was good. Angel needed support, I think. Very chivalrous of him to drape his leather coat around Fred's shoulders since neither he nor Darla really needed the protection from the rain. That whole end sequence was pretty sad. The irony of her baby possibly dying in the alley was not lost on her.. not that I really thought about it, but yeah, she killed Angel in an alley all those years ago and now here they were.

I just can't believe Darla killed herself! I mean, that was very wow and self-sacrificing, but.. Darla! ::sniffle:: I liked Darla. A lot. Especially after this whole pregnancy thing. It's great how Joss can take a villain and turn them into, I dunno, a hero of sorts. But still, I wish she had lived, there would have been so much more angst. Then again, the baby probably wouldn't have been born. I still can't believe Darla staked herself.

Oh man, and now there's gonna be a runt at the Hyperion. I wonder who's gonna take care of him. They should name him William. Hahahaha.

Comedic moment: When everyone hops in Angel's car and Darla says meekly "Doesn't anyone want to sit back here with me?" and then Fred explains that well, her water broke all over the back seat, so, ick.



END SPOILERS FOR ANGEL: "Offspring," "Quickening," AND "LULLABY"
posted on 11/20/2001 12:58:30 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

thursday, november 15




Oh. My. God. I love Cole! If Phoebe doesn't want to marry him, then I will! And now he's 100% human.. *THUD* Though.. I do feel kinda bad that he doesn't have powers. How's he supposed to protect his girl from the Source? It was kinda cute when he was explaining that he was late because he forgot that he couldn't shimmer anymore and had to walk all the way back. n.n

So what did we learn this week? Leo and Piper really can't protect a baby because demons would kill it. Poor mechanical baby. Vengence is a bad, bad thing. The Assistant DAs are always demons. Phoebe's power-stripping spell worked perfectly on Cole. No more Belthazar. Paige is unable to see the shades of grey that seperate good and evil. Funny, since in a past life she was an evil sorceress and almost became a demon bride. Cole is a sexy, sexy, beast. Leo is too cute for words and I wanted to give him a big hug when he stood in the kitchen holding the busted Robo!Baby.



posted on 11/15/2001 11:01:46 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

wednesday, november 7

Gonna be stepping away from the review thing for a bit. I've lost track of what I need to review and this was more important anyway.

I was doing research for my Graphic Design Project and just look what I came across.

At first, I was all, "oh, wow, this Christian page is actually being nice to Wicca and Pagans." Pfft. I was wrong.

It starts off with a nice explanation about the Craft and it's all pretty good and neutral. I guess this person was previously pagan. Even explains away the whole "heathen" misconception, along with a pretty nice description of the practice. And then...

There is one "rule" that supposedly limits Wiccans' practices: Harm no one or anything. This is highly deceptive, especially among younger people who are new to paganism. It is preached as a harmless religion.

What the hell.... Oh yeah, that's highly deceptive. ::rolls eyes:: "Harm no one" is such a hard concept. Give me a break.

A coven is a group of 13 witches.

A coven can be a group of more or a group of less. Where the hell did this person learn about the Craft?

Wiccans will often say they do not summon supernatural powers nor attempt to have power over life. They begin by saying it's unethical to engage in any activity which seeks to control manipulate. The "exception" to this is said to be healing and is never done without the knowledge and consent of the person who is being assisted. They will tell you that the practice is based upon the use of internal "energy" and transferring it to items or used during spells to bring about the desired goal. This is one very large farce and is often denied to cover up the true practices.

True practices of what, exactly? Stuff like this pisses me off. There is no farce. It's a pretty basic idea, last time I checked. Anything you do comes back three times. Good things, bad things. And the universe decides what's good or bad. So why do something that's bad? It'll get back to you no matter what. You can't hide from karmic justice. Is this person saying that I shouldn't heal people? If I have the ability to help someone, shouldn't I? Does he/she have a problem with that?

As the witch progresses, he/she may discard the "love and harm none" exterior, as a way to gain control of a situation, person, etc.

Um... yes. And let me assure you that those who use the Craft to harm or bend things to their will get severe backlash.

Spells ... The Wiccan will often deny such things, which is yet another part of the deception.

I really don't think any Wiccan will deny doing spells. That's like a Christian saying they've never prayed.

...a ritual in which the particular item or liquid is "empowered" from the "energy" within the witch. In reality, this is nothing more than illusion. Any actual result derives from the devil.

Riiight. You keep on believing that. I don't get some people. They can believe that God is in them, God is in everything. The can eat the flesh of Jesus in Communion, but once someone tries to use the energy within themselves to do something productive, it's the work of the devil. Hello! We don't believe in the Devil. We don't have the Devil. He is not part of our deity structure!

With satanists using the inverted Pentagram, and witches uses it with one point up, the witches are opposing the satanists, which would be the same as saying they are Christian, and that, we know is not remotely true since Wiccans do not recognize evil, our God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit, the devil, or the Bible. Wicca contradicts its own self. This is yet another deception.

All right, that's it. Just because we are against Satanists because they do evil deeds does not mean we are equating ourselves with Christians. Who are you and what crack pot did you learn the principles of Wicca from?! We don't contradict ourselves. We recognize evil as the negative. We recognize evil as a force, dammit! No Devil. Bible may be used if any pagan practitioner wishes. God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are recognized in the way that they are deities. If any Wiccan wishes to worship the Christian God, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, or the Holy Spirit, they may. It is the general pagan belief that the God and the Goddess has many faces and however we honor them is fine. And frell, you know what? Wiccans take responsibilities for their actions. That's one of the main reasons we don't have a Devil figure. The Devil is a Judeo-Christian construct for people to have a convenient scapegoat! You do something bad, you can blame it on Satan, say a few prayers and you're absolved. There is no escape in Wicca. You do something wrong and dammit, you did something wrong and you're going to suffer consequences.

Wicca is nothing more than sugar-coated Satanism... It does not recognize the Bible as the word of God, God above all, or Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

I... I don't even know what to say. Muslims and Buddhists don't believe in any of those things. Does that mean they're "sugar-coated Satanism" too? What about Judaism? They don't believe Jesus was their Lord and Saviour, so where does that leave them?

It promises to be a harmless religion, which is above all, the biggest deception. It's a selfish and ignorant religion. It's used to draw in the meek and emotionally dysfunctional, promising them peace and giving them a way to attempt control over their lives and environment.

I think you have us confused with some other religion. One that's monotheistic, can't agree on laws so they split into a million branches, and tries to recruit people at every turn. "Drawing in the meek and emotionally dysfunctional"? I think I'd better stop now before I bring up that idiot on the 700 Club that said September 11th happened because God was punishing the world for straying from their little Christian path and everyone should start turning to the Lord and praying their asses off.

Oh wait. I just brought it up.

Yes, I'm bitter. This crap pisses me off. Couldn't ya tell?

Let me just make a note that I don't hate Christians. The psycho, fear & hate spreading, homophobic Christians are the ones that piss me off. And I use "Christians" in a general term because there are too many frelling branches. Also, I spent 11 years in a Roman Catholic education system, so I know the ins and outs of the religion almost better than the average practitioner. I have chosen to follow the pagan/wiccan religion because it seemed to be the best path for me. I don't, however, believe that it is the religion. People should be free to honor Deity however they choose, so long as they don't harm anyone (including themselves) or interfer with another person's right to practice what they choose.

All right, I'm done. I'm shutting up now.
posted on 11/7/2001 12:12:58 AM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

thursday, november 1

Didn't feel like doing a review for last week's Charmed as the only thing I remember was finding Leo's healing of glass really, really, ridiculous.


Loved the opening scene with Angel training Cordelia. Come on! Go, Cordy/Angel 'shippers!

Billy's been in "trouble", aka sent to Hell, twice already. And Wolfram & Hart's gotten him out both times. Cocky smile as he walked down the hall. Oh yeah, he's just like Pusher from the X-Files can make people do stuff they normally wouldn't. Violent tendencies and whatnot. More of Lilah and Gavin beating the crap out of each other would have been entertaining. I wanna know who won!

What? Wesley's sweet on Fred? Aww :) Fred reminds me more and more of a cross between Anya (Buffy) and Data (ST: TNG). Hey, if Wes & Fred get together, that'll nix the Angel/Fred 'shippers in the bud *eg*

Lilah is still freaking over that scene in "Carpe Noctem" where "Angel" practically eats her (along with doing other things...) after she left him documents to bring Gavin down. But, she doesn't look too bad after the fight, so I'm guessing she kicked the crap out of Gavin.

Okay, Angel doing the blood tracking thing still creeps me out.

Cordy interrogating Lilah was awesome. The bitch is back, people. She kept her cool and then actually reasoned with Lilah, telling her that she had to help them stop Billy because he violated her and won't stop until he's beaten her down, and any woman sporting the mantel of "vicious bitch" would never put up with that. Which is true.

Uh oh... Wesley's infected. He does anything to Fred and she is never going to like him. Fred kind of had a suspicion that something was wrong, but Wes wasn't letting her get away. And oh my god, I don't like seeing Wesley like this, it's scary. Dark!Wesley is not a good thing. Then again, Fred's been living on her own for 5 years, fighting off demons, so she knows how to defend herself and, most importantly, run. Good thing that Gunn snagged her and is getting her out of there. Uh oh. Gunn's infected too. But he was smart enough to hand Fred a chair leg to knock him out with. One up for Charles.

Damn, Billy used the two-handed method on Angel. Cordy is screwed unless those sword fighting lessons really took hold. Or not, since Angel doesn't seem to be the least bit infected by Billy's demon what-its. Holy shit. Lilah killed Billy. That was unexpected. Girl sure is modern - brought a gun.

I seem to have gotten the Fred/Wes thing backwards. Fred is more than willing to give him another chance because he was infected, so it really wasn't his fault. Wesley, however, has doubts about himself and whether he is a good person or not. He kind of shoo'ed her out the door, but she stayed just outside and heard him crying. Poor guy. Man, as if he didn't have enough issues with his father being an overbearing arsehole, getting drummed out of the Watcher Council, and failing with Faith, now this? (Though, truthfully the Faith thing wasn't his fault.. entirely..) Eesh.

Waaahooo!! Next week Darla's back! I was wondering what happened to her. Guess it takes a long time to travel to LA from South America under cover of darkness. This is going to be a twisted, twisted arc.

Cordelia: Angel, I didn't ask you to train me so I can stave. I already know how to stave. Now I need to learn how to fight.
Angel: You don't think that I would?
Cordelia: Would what?
Angel: Save you.
Cordelia: Men folk not always around to protect the women folk, you know?

"Three years of varsity cheer squad, I only ever had to be shown a move once." - Cordelia Chase

Gavin: Nice boy.
Lilah: Yeah, Billy? He's great. Got his own private room in hell. Family connections.

Cordelia: I mean, what are the odds of any of us actually finding someone out there that can deal with the stuff that we have to deal with. I dunno, maybe we are meant--
Wesley: For each other?
Cordelia: Actually, I was going to say, "to be alone."

Cordelia: For me. You did it to save me.
Angel: And I'd do it again.

"I'd talk to you with my finger, but I like both hands on the wheel when I'm driving." - Female Officer

"Angel feels responsible for this guy because he brought him back from Hell. I feel responsible because he did it to save me. You, who are actually responsible for the entire thing, feel nothing at all, because you are a vicious bitch." - Cordelia to Lilah

Lilah: So, you know me.
Cordelia: Please. I was you. With better shoes.
Lilah: These are Boracci.
Cordelia: Fall collection?
Lilah: Next Spring.
Cordelia: He's widened the heel.
Lilah: And widened the toe.
Cordelia: That won't work with pink.
Lilah: The pink is out next Spring.

Cordelia: I'm the woman Wolfram & Hart tortured to get you out of your fire cell.
Billy: Oh, I see. And you're her to whine. Poor helpless, battered woman who needs to vent her feelings about the injustice of it all.
Cordelia: No, asswipe. [shocks him] I'm here to send you back.

"Actually, I'm feeling superior because I have an arrow pointed at your jugular. And the irony of using a phallic-shaped weapon? Not lost on me." - Cordelia to Billy

Angel: I never hated my victims. I never killed out of anger. It was always about the pain and the pleasure.
Cordelia: Huh. So, I guess you could say that your demon-ness makes you less petty than humans. Almost noble. I mean in a twisted, dark, and really disturbing kind of way.

"I'm starting to get used to being creeped out and comforted at the same time." - Cordelia Chase

posted on 11/1/2001 01:30:44 PM
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