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sunday, october 28

More review thingies. One from last Sunday and one from yesterday. Will get Charmed and Angel up soonish.


Gina Torres as Anna. I like Gina, she's cool. She used to play Nebula on Hercules and Hel on Cleopatra.

Just realised that the guy who played Danny Hecht (Edward Atterton) was also on "Mists of Avalon" playing Arthur. Um, too bad the character's dead.

Yo! They're busting up a church. That's soo not cool. But, hey, Sydney won, of course, handcuffing Anna to a table.

I don't like her father. He's shady and unreliable. And damn, when she cornered him in SD-6 he looked like he was going to cry or something. Not going to a psych profile, I think he's in there for therapy. He's got a serious case of guilty conscience.

Ooooo. Vaughn has the hots for her. I am most definitely a Vaughn/Sydney 'shipper at the moment. Forget about Will. He's obsessive and can't respect Syd's need for privacy. She said she didn't want him to dig about Danny, and he does. Wanker. And yes, you dumbass, you should feel like an idiot for trying to kill her. Again.

Ouch. Big muscle guy tossing her around. Not good. Man, she gets beat up more than Xander Harris. It's okay though. 'Cause she still kicked his ass. Heh.

::sniffle:: They're playing "Full of Grace"! I love that song ;_; The music on this show is great. Very techno and electronic. The "pop" songs they pick are just as fitting.

Uh, yeah, This is a familiar scenario. Syd is waiting for her dad to show up for dinner for... I dunno hours. And he doesn't. With a lame excuse about not being able to get away from work. Calling her from his god damn car across the street! Bastard.

Awww.. and she called Vaughn. :) Yay! And did you catch the hand-hold at the end of the scene? Hellz. Yeah.

Planting the bomb in the guy is quite ingenius. That whole time when Syd was spying on them, I kept thinking she was going to drop that little monocular thingy. That would've sucked a lot.

Okay, this thing where they break off in the middle of a mission is getting on my nerves. It's like one huge ass continuing story, only not really. *sigh* How can they expect me to tape one and not tape the rest! Argh. I can resist the urge of taping UC: Undercover only because, will I don't care that much about it. ::ducks from Sez:: New Sunday show, people. Alias kicks ass.

"You do not give me orders!" - Sydney to Vaughn

"I think spying on your boyfriend is generally regarded as a bad relationship precident." - Sydney Bristow

Jenny: That was Sydney. You're different when you talk to Sydney.
Will: Don't analyze me.

Sydney: Did you have a fight with your wife?
Vaughn: My what?
Sydney: Your wife.
Vaughn: What wife? I have no wife
Sydney: No? There's a picture in your office. You and that woman. I thought you were married.
Vaughn: She and I are not remotely--you thought I was married this whole time?
Sydney: I guess so. What's the big deal?
Vaughn: [looks away] Nothing.

Vaughn: Why did you ask me if I had a fight with my girlfriend?
Sydney: I dunno. Did you?
Vaughn: [scoffs & smiles] Huge.

Sydney: I feel like I'm losing my mind, like I don't even know who I am any more or what I'm doing or why I'm doing it. [beeper goes off and she chucks it]
Vaughn: You just threw your beeper in the Pacific.

"Okay, listen to me, there's something you need to know. When you first walked into my office with that stupid, bozo hair I thought you were crazy. I mean, I actually thought you might have been a crazy person. But I watched you and I read your statement and I've seen how you think. I've seen how you work. I've seen who you are. In this job you see darkness, you see the worst in people. And though the jobs are different and the missions change and the enemies have a thousand names, the one crucial thing -- the one real responsibility you have -- is to not let your rage and your resentment and your disgust darken you. When you're at your absolute lowest, at your most depressed, just remember that you can always... you know. You've got my number." - Vaughn to Sydney



Yippee! More Hank McCoy :) This Beast story is actually pretty close to the comic story where Hank turns into Beast because of a lab accident. Then he turns blue because he tried a cure for the gray fur. I think. Might not be remembering correctly. Anyway, in Evolution, Hank is holding back the feral inner beast by will alone, reciting Shakespeare to "get his head together." That much holds true to form.

It's like a Jekyll/Hyde thing, I guess. When he gets angry the Beast comes out. That's why when Evan skipped class we saw him freak, yeah?

I'm confused. Kelly called purple punk girl "Risty," or something that sounded like that. I thought it was Misty.

Hehehe. Kitty's failing geometry. Okay, that's only funny because I'm failing pre-calc.

Wow, they showed an address for the school. That's very rare on TV: 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, NY 10032. Of course, I already knew the street address. The Bayville, NY kinda throws me. LOL

You know, Scott would have made it if Rogue just got her ass up off the ground and ran. Evan is becoming quite the slacker. I know he's the youngest, but really dude, you're a member of the X-Men. Get your stuff together. Rogue got powdered in the training session 'cause he wasn't there.

Okay, that pyramid hat is the dumbest thing I've seen. How does Kitty even think that looks cool?

The Hank McCoy character design reminds me a little of Goliath from Gargoyles. Nifty keen. Don't like the Beast design. He's just not.. scary enough. He looks like a big goofy dog or something. He should be bulkier. As it is, he looks like a starving gorilla.

There was a bit of Rogue/Scott UST in this episode. Interesting stuff. I still thinking they should get together. Heh.

"From here on in, I'm not just Mr. McCoy. You can call me Beast." - Hank McCoy

posted on 10/28/2001 01:05:22 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t


Mere! I love -mere- :) She was a Bronzer way back when. Then she got a job writing for Buffy. And now look, our little Bronzer is all grown up and writing for Angel. *sniffle* I'm so proud! All right, so I was a lurker. Hey, at least I've posted at the same time as -mere- before.

LMAO!!! Cordy and Wesley reenacting the Buffy/Angel 'shipp was hilarious!!

Angel's back. He's not talking about Buffy. Ever. And then he takes Fred out for ice cream! This is hilarious. Fred's cute. I'm seeing definite Angel/Fred 'shipp potential. I'm not liking that at all.

Good save, Cordy on the parent thing. Monster movies. Hahahaha.

Fred's parents are weird... and I guess Fred knows that since she ran away! Well, at least the gang is picking up on it. Uh. What the Host said scared me. "You haven't run far enough"? What the hell??

Man, Lorne is still pissed at Gunn for Caritas getting shot up. Well, I understand. But there really is no reason for Lorne to be pissed at Gunn. Well, okay, maybe a little.

Hahhahaha, the bum sitting on the bench got up and walked away from Fred 'cause she was rambling on the bench.

Big bug. Big, ugly bug. The gang ain't doing so good and Fred takes a swing with a golf club.

Cordy fixing everyone up was cute, especially when she called for "multiple stab wounds," and Angel ran over like a 4-year-old. Then Cordy called him a dork. LOL

Angel almost cried when Fred left ;_; Give her a hug you big dork!

All right, so Fred's parents are just Texas trash. They're not evil. And they're kinda cool in a weird way. Fred's moving on with her life. She's painting over her walls, even the little drawing she did of Angel and her on a horse. Awww...

Fred: Now that she's alive again, are they going to get back together? Angel and that girl with the goofy name.
Wesley: Well, that's a difficult question. I think it's fair to say no. Not a chance. Never. No way. Never in a million years. And also, nuh uh.

[Cordelia and Wesley reenact the Buffy/Angel angst]
Cordelia: Oh, Angel! I know that I am a Slayer and you are a vampire and it would be impossible for us to be together but--
Wesley: --My gypsy curse sometimes prevents me from seeing the truth. Oh, Buffy!
Cordelia: Yes, Angel?
Wesley: I love you so much I almost forgot to brood!
Cordelia: And just because I sent you to Hell that one time doesn't mean that we just can't be friends.
Wesley: Or possibly more.
Cordelia: Oh! Gasp! No! We musn't!
Wesley: Kiss Me.
Cordelia: Bite me.
[Wesley pretends to bite her]
Angel: How about you both bite me?

Cordelia: You need to share your pain, express those feelings of grief and longing or...the curiosity's gonna kill me.
Angel: [dryly] Oh no. Wouldn't want that.

Cordelia: Now we'll never, ever know.
Angel: [walking out the door] That's right!

"I'm just being a big nerd again, aren't I?" - Winifred Burkle

Cordy: Fred can barely tie her shoes without Mr. Oh-You're-My-Fat-Hero around.
Angel: You think I'm fat?

"Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Bickerson, a little focus, please." - Cordelia to Gunn & Wesley

"Yeah, well, I'm not some mystical vending machine here to spit out answers every time you waltz in with a problem. I have a heart. Granted, it's located in my left butt cheek, but it's still a heart." - Lorne

"That's my daughter, you damn cockroach!" - Mr. Burkle

"Did I get it?! Did I get it, y'all?!" - Trisha Burkle, after hitting the bug with a bus

Mrs. Burkle: I wish you hadn't brought that thing back out again. It gives me the willies.
Mr. Burkle: Don't be silly, Trish. It's just a severed head.
Gunn: I got it. [picks up the head] Lady makes bug soup with a 10 ton bus but show her a papier-mache head and she gets the willies. Ha, women.
Angel: Uh, Gunn, you do know it's not papier-mache?
Gunn: Still got that bleach in the bathroom?

"We are so immensely dead." - Cordelia Chase

posted on 10/28/2001 09:02:00 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

saturday, october 27

Huge thanks to Victoria P. for posting the link to the teaser for Hugh Jackman's newest movie, "Kate & Leopold." You can view the trailer here. The picture to the right is something I got from the WolverineAndRogue list months ago. I have no idea what's in that Poland Spring bottle. Ice tea maybe?

The movie is set to be released December 21, 2001. Other cast includes Meg Ryan (as Kate), Natasha Lyonne, Breckin Meyer, Liev Schrieber, Charlotte Ayanna, Bradley Whitford

Summary: While a team of scientists who accidentally transported a late 19th century man, Leopold (Jackman), through time to the future try to figure out how to return him to the past, the ex-girlfriend, Kate (Ryan) of one of them (Schreiber) gives Leopold a tour of New York (no doubt with all of the fish-out-of-water jokes you can imagine), and yes, the time-crossed duo falls in love... (Meyer plays Kate's brother)

Seems like another foofy love story, but Hugh's in it, so obviously it's on my must-see list. I'm kind of a wishy-washy Meg Ryan fan. I like her, but then there was that whole thing where she dumped Dennis Quaid for Russell Crowe which kinda made me not like her so much any more. Dennis Quaid. Sheesh, woman. And then she broke it off with Crowe because she didn't want to move to Australia and spend time on his ranch. Pfft.

Anyway, back to Hugh. He's got a looooovely English accent in this film. Not as nice as his own, but still very, very nice. His New York accent in "Someone Like You" was good, too. ::thinks:: Actually, any accent he uses is good. Yeah.. *drool* definitely a phone book guy.

I think I heard Liev's character call Leopold the Duke of Albany. Uh... sure. Oh! Liev is in this cool ^_^ Duh. I've been a fan of his since "Scream" and "Ransom."
posted on 10/27/2001 03:32:57 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t


Yeah, no, they don't talk about the Angel thing either. She just brings home fried chicken and Willow says something really cute. This week's ep was written by David Fury and Jane Espenson.

Um.. can you really "audit" for a semester? I didn't know that was an option.

More Jonathan! Yay! Well, it sucks that he's a *bahahahahah* super-villian. Omega pulse sequence? What're they running Mission: Impossible? Wow, that is so weird whatever they did to her. And why is no one waiting for her? Uh.. what did the geeks do and what the hell was that? How do Willow and Tara just leave her?

Poor Buffy. Going back to school sucks. Buffy in Sociology class is like me in pre-calc. *sigh* Especially when your day flies by and you don't know what the hell just happened to you. Then again, she's the Slayer. She's probably used to all that weird stuff by now.

So, she's working with Xander at the construction site. Interesting. And she had to battle demons, but knocked her boss out getting him out of the way and now she's way fired.

Next up, retail. Anya and Giles brief her and then leave her to her first customer. And Jonathan did something so Buffy's in a time loop until she satisfies a customer. That mummy hand is creepy. Okay. The time loop is hilarious!! She smashes Giles' glasses, tells that kid to just take the slug because "she's not gonna sleep with you anyway," has a breakdown, and then stranggles the lady. She finally figures out a way to break out of the loop and make the lady happy. But.. Buffy hates retail, so she quit.

Wow, doing shots in Spike's crypt. Then to a seedy bar to play poker with demons... who play for kittens. And Buffy is soooo trashed. Spike's got a plan. Since when does Spike have a good plan? Hmm.. he defends her honor a bit, too.

Jonathan's a spell dork! I guess after he cast that superhero spell on Sunnydale last year he got all with the mystical arts.

See, I knew Giles would help out. I mean, he had sex with Buffy's mother! Er.. *ahem* But seriously, he's a good guy. But it sucks because I know that he's not going to be around and Buffy saying that him always being there makes her feel safe, well... that sucks.

"I'm a breast girl myself. [to Tara] But then, you knew that." - Willow Rosenberg

"Okay, the thing is, since we're messing with the Slayer - who could pummel the three of us into a sludgey substance - it might be a good idea for us not to draw attention to ourselves!" - Warren

Willow: You're not dumb, just rusty.
Buffy: Maybe I should ease back in with non-taxing classes like introduction to pies or maybe advanced walking.

"What the f--" - Buffy Summers

"I mean, retail? Yeecchh. I'd rather be dead. Again." - Buffy Summers

"Maybe it was lint. Maybe it was evil lint." - Buffy

Xander: No, not here, not at my job. That's your job.
Buffy: I can't help where the forces of darkness attack me, Xander.

Buffy: You're firing me, aren't you?
Xander: Big time.

"Well, you know what homophobia really means about you, don't you?" - Warren to Andrew

"Opus orbis est, et ea in medio. Tempus ad calcium intendet." - Jonathan's customer satisfaction spell

"Is this all research or some kind of stress test for the table?" - Buffy to Giles

"Stop touching my magic bone!" - Jonathan

"Life is stupid." - Buffy Summers

"I didn't figure you were here cadging my whiskey because life was all full of blood and peaches." - Spike

"Oh good, 'cause Giles weilds the might force of library books." - Spike

Spike: You're not a school girl. You're not a shop girl. You're a creature of the darkness, like me. Try on my world. See how good it feels.
Buffy: Are there drinks in your world?

Buffy: You play for kittens?!
Spike: So, who's gonna advance me a tiny tabby, to get me started? Come on, somebody's got to stake me.
Buffy: [cheerful] I'll do it! What? You thought I was just gonna let that lie there?

"You're insane. You're short and you're insane." - Warren to Jonathan

"What? I'm not getting into a bar fight. I'll beat 'em up for information, great, but not to defend your rights to gamble for kittens. Which, by the way, is stupid currency." - Buffy to Spike

Spike: What's wrong, luv?
Buffy: What's wrong? You were gonna help. You, you were gonna beat heads and fix my life. But you're completely lame. Tonight sucks.. and look at me. Look at stupid Buffy, too dumb for college. And freak Buffy. Too strong for construction work. And--and my job at the magic shop? I was bored to tears even before the hour that wouldn't end. And the only person that I can even stand to be around is a neutered vampire who cheats at kitten poker.
Spike: Oh, you saw the cheating, did you?
Buffy: Also, I think you're drunk.

"Timothy Dalton should get an Oscar and beat Sean Connery over the head with it!" - Andrew to Warren

Andrew: [in awe] The Slayer touched you.
Jonathan: Yeah, it was sexy the way she touched me real hard with her fists.

"I only looked big. I actually had the proportional strength of..uh.. me." - Jonathan

Buffy: This is.. is too much I can't take it.
Giles: Well, tear it up then. [reaches for the check]
Buffy: No, I was just being polite. I'm taking the money.

Giles: In this scenario, I am like your mother?
Buffy: Wanna be my shiftless, absentee father?
Giles: Is there some sort of rakish uncle?


Oh. My. God. The commercial for the Buffy Musical is friggin hilarious!!! You can get it at

This week's the Halloween episode. That's gonna be cool. And hopefully scary. I believe the trend is a Halloween episode every other year.
posted on 10/27/2001 08:10:10 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

friday, october 26

Reviewish posts for Wednesday's shows. Yes, I know, I'm late. And I'm still working on the Angel and Buffy ones, as well as Alias from Sunday. But hey -- pictures.


Seems like the typical Star Trek ghost colony story. Is that like standard with every series? Oh my god, there's a tumbleweed. And a welcome mat.

Hey, he called them flashlights. Not some weird new fangled wrist-light or what have you. Flashlights. Nice krypton bulbs it looks like, judging by the beam.

Archer... he's not so bright, is he? Going back down to the surface with just Dr. Phlox? That just seems a little nuts.

Are you saying that in two generations they all forgot who they were and they talk like a bunch of cromags? Sheesh.

These episodes are getting weak. I dunno. "All hat and no cat," as Spike's said.

Malcolm Reed (actor Dominic Keating) is an English hottie. Yep, gotta love that accent. He actually played Blair, one of the Quintin Travers' lackeys in the Buffy episode "Helpless."

The creepy "aliens" are the people. T'Pol: "Those weren't aliens. They're human." See? I told you.

Next week, though, next week might be cool. The Andorians are back and I think I heard Jeffery Combs. That'd be soo cool! He was awesome as Weyoun in Deep Space Nine.

Tucker: Really? Every kid on Earth had to learn about the great Vulcan expeditions.
T'Pol: Name one.
Tucker: ...



The music in the opening act sounded like Britney Sleaze. Which is pretty much appropriate considering the little slut of a girl that was in the beginning.

I don't like boogeymen stories. They freak me out. Good thing Michael Landes is on the case. *swoon*

Kate Benson: another woman who can run in high-heeled boots and has a kick-ass coat. I want that coat! It's all black and flowy, and split in the back.

The banter between Nick and Carl is hilarious. And the little twerp digging through the mailbox as Nick drops uh.. several M-80s in there was great. LOL

The, um, beating of Marshall the Banshee was very disturbing. Police brutality! All right, all right, it was friggin' hysterical. And then the scene where they presented Jonathan with the Banshee saliva was great, especially the part where Nick and Carl both go "Wow!"

Um, the Boogeyman is decked out in biker gear. And, ouch, he sure does want Nick dead.

Kids are dumb. I mean, I know Jake wants the Boogeyman dead and his father out of jail, but riding right up to the Link really isn't such a great idea. And why didn't he book-ass out of there? Fight or flight, dude. ::shakes head::

EEEWWWW!!! The Boogeyman is all drippy and bloody and slashy. And not the good kind of slashy, either. Just, ewwww!

Wow, "Take A Picture" by Filter. Haven't heard that song in forever. Love that song. There was a song in the beginning... I forget what it was. It used to be on the radio a lot. *shrug*

They never did explain why the Boogeyman never attacked little kids, just adults.

"Right, girls in high school always have to trick guys into taking their clothes off." - Detective

Detective: What is your jurisdiction? How come nobody knows what Special Unit 2 does?
Benson: We do the same thing you do.
O'Malley: Only better.

"Hey, keep that tentacle behind the line. Bitch." - Carl the Gnome

Jonathan: Once you hit puberty, you lose your ability to see him, so the only people who can see him are children.
Nick: And me. I mean, I figured I'd make the joke before anyone else does.
Kate: Nice defensive maneuver.

Nick: I just have to drop something in the mailbox.
Kate: Okay, well, that something being an M-80, I don't even wanna ask.

Carl: Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a banshee?
O'Malley: You're asking me that like I care.

Nick: I don't know about you, but I keep wondering why I can get a confession from a 9-foot-tall lethal Link, but when it comes to a 12-year-old kid, I'm completely...
Kate: Helpless?
Nick: Basically, yes.

"My dad died when I was ten. You learn not to get too attached to anything." - Nick O'Malley

"Well, since no adult actually saw the suspect, that being impossible, it was only a matter of removing several pieces of potentially troubling evidence and providing a witness who will attribute the damage to visitors from outer space." - Alice

"Put me down. This net is chaffing my groin." - Marshall the Banshee

O'Malley: I thought Banshees screamed.
Carl: Well, they can. But for the most part it's like an annoying bleat.

"Yes, sir, we'd never blow up several million dollars worth of irreplaceable equipment... twice." - Jonathan

Nick: Is "virtually sure" the same thing as definitely, without a doubt, 100% sure?
Jonathan: You know the world we live in. There are very few absolutes.
Nick: I'll take that as a no.

Nick: I'm glad you're my partner.
Kate: Well, at the end of this let's hope I still have a partner.

Carl: Banshees are notoriously allergic and he ate a candy bar that had some peanuts in it and that was it. He was complaining about feeling funny and, you know, they're always complaining.
Benson: And?
Carl: Oh, he's dead. But if it makes you feel any better I think he lived as full and as happy a life as any Banshee can.
O'Malley: It doesn't make me feel better, so now you're coming along.

O'Malley: When I'm done with the Boogeyman, it's your turn.
Carl: Promises, promises.

"It's still fun to shoot things." - Nick O'Malley

"Why do you have such a hard time admitting any kind of emotional attachment to someone that lacks a D cup?" - Kate to Nick

Kate: And by the way, you have never seen a shrink in your life.
Nick: Does it count if she's wearing a thong and spinning around a pole at the same time?
Kate: Only if she had her Master's.

posted on 10/26/2001 12:51:25 AM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

Not really bored, but who gets tired of eye candy? Certainly not me. And it's my page, so I'll post eye candy if I wanna.

Bruce Campbell - My favorite actor ever. He is the coolest guy. Fantastic dry, sarcastic, twisted wit. Still jealous that my cousin got to meet him in person and I didn't. Guess I should have skipped classes and hopped a bus to Syracuse.
Vincent Ventresca - the Invisible Man. His character, Darien Fawkes, is just so.. cool. Sure, Vince played the dorky professor in Boston Common, but Darien is so far from that character. Gotta love his witty comebacks and often dry humor.
Michael Landes - He was the first, and the best, Jimmy Olsen on Lois & Clark. But it's all cool 'cause he has his own show and that other twerp hasn't been heard from since. Absolutely love his Special Unit 2 character's dry, sarcastic wit. You sensing a pattern yet? *g*

Chris Potter - was in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues as Peter Caine, Silk Stalkings as Tom Ryan, and even did VAing as Gambit in the animated X-Men. His "Cajun" accent was definitely better than the guy who took over Ragin' Cajun duties after him. And hey - he's Canadian. Canadians are cool.
Enzo Matrix - Yes. He's animated. Who cares? Matrix is definitely hot property. He's got the looks and the attitude. Played the tortured bad-ass a little thick in season 3, but AndrAIa straightened him all out.
Michael Hurst - a total goofball. Also a director.. singer.. dancer. This guy does it all. Plus, Iolaus was totally better then Hercules. He kicked just as much ass and he wasn't even a half-god.
posted on 10/26/2001 01:21:21 AM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

saturday, october 20

Haven't posted in about a week. And boy can I yammer on. I'll post the reviews for Buffy and Angel and more a bit later. Oh, The Buffy Musical: November 6th! Saw Tony in the behind-the-scenes thingy with Ally :) Yay! So glad Tony's going to be singing.


Oy. Took over a week to finally sit my arse down and watch this episode, which I've heard some interesting things about. Great epiosde, definitely better than the opener. Jane Espenson knows how to write an episode that packs a punch.

Now Willow starts to wonder if she screwed something up? Dawn says "obviously" a lot trying to reacquaint Buffy with the whole living thing. Poor Dawnie doesn't really know what to do, but she's doing a good job. So's Spike, taking care of Dawn. Spike's being all like... I dunno. Really soft around Buffy. It's weird. But in a good way, I guess.

The gang needs to back the hell off. Buffy just came back from the dead and they're all staring at her and expecting her to say stuff. And Willow.. I think she was probably worried Buffy had come back all wrong, like Spike said.

Xander. Okay, he's being an asshole to Spike. There is no need for that. I mean, I know Xander and Spike aren't the best of buds, but there is seriously no need to rub Spike's face in it.

Willow creeps me out. She's getting way too deep into the black arts. She doesn't even really need anyone to ground her or whatever anymore or chant even. One word and it's done. This can't be good. And she seems to use magick to solve all her problems. Definitely not ood.

Creepy scene where Buffy is looking at pictures of her friends and the heads turn to skulls. And omg, that bedroom scene was scary.

Tara. She's cool. She talks sense. Even when Willow's being crazed psycho-Wicca.

Anya is.. better, but still not helpful. She's trying really, really hard though.

AHHH!!!!!!!! x_X Creepy scene with Anya cutting herself! It was like a scene out of "Evil Dead," which I think is possible, 'cause Joss is a fan of the film. But, damn that was really scary. Dawn possession.. less scary. And the fire effect was verging on corny.

Aw, Spike. The speech to Buffy in his crypt was so sweet. And it was weird that Spike was the only one Buffy was comfortable talking to.. about how she knew she was in Heaven and the gang ripped her out. Okay, well, not that weird. I guess he was the only one she could really talk to about being dead. I wonder how that's going to affect Spike, knowing that Buffy was in Heaven and was happy, and now she's here and.. not.

"I don't like this. It's a fire. Fire is rarely a sign of eminent safety." - Anya Emerson

"I think we screwed it up. She's broken." - Anya on the resurrected Buffy

Thank god. You scared me half to death -- or more to death." - Spike to Dawn

Buffy: How long was I gone?
Spike: 147 days yesterday.. um.. 148 today. Except today doesn't really count, does it? How long was it for you, where you were?
Buffy: Longer.

Anya: I think Willow was wrong. I don't think she's particularly normal at all.
Xander: Well, she just got back. Give it time. I bet in a week she'll be the regular Buffy again.
Anya: Oh, yes, six or seven days that's all you need to get over eternal hell experiences.

Spike: Listen, I figured it out. Maybe you haven't but I have. Willow knew there was a chance that she'd come back wrong. So wrong that you'd have -- that she would have to get rid of what came back and I wouldn't let her. Any part of that was Buffy, I wouldn't let her. That's why she shut me out.
Xander: What're you talking about? Willow wouldn't do that.
Spike: Oh, is that right?

"That's the thing about magic. There's always consequences. Always!" - Spike

"What did you do? Do you know what you did? You're like children. Your hands smell of death. Bitches! Filthy, little bitches rattling the bones. Did you cut the throat? Did you pat its head?! The blood dried on your hands, didn't it? You were stained. You still are! I know what you did!" - Dream!Buffy

"Very bad. Very, very, very bad. Bad." - Xander Harris

Anya: Did I look like that? I hope I didn't look like that.
Willow: No, I'm sure you looked really glamorous cutting up your face.

"Evil things have plans. They have things to do." - Anya Emerson

"I do remember what I said, the promise to protect her. If I'd have done that, even if I didn't make it, you wouldn't have had to jump. But I want you to know that I did save her, not when it counted, of course, but after that. Every night after that. I see it all again. I do something different, faster, more clever. Dozens of times, lots of different ways. Every night I see it." - Spike to Buffy

"We made a demon? Bad us" - Xander Harris

"Well, technically that's not a price. That's a gift with purchase." - Anya Emerson

"You can't do that. You can't think for a second that you're going to do that. If you think for a second that you can give her back to me and take her away again. No. That's worse than if you never brought her back. You can't mess with people's lives this way." - Dawn to Willow

"You don't belong here." - Demon to Buffy

Dawn: Xander, drive faster
Xander: I can't!
Anya: I can drive faster, and I can't driive!
Anya: She's right, you're like a snail. A snail who's driving a car very slowly. Come on, give it the lead foot. We've gotta help Buffy with that demon you sent after her.
Xander: I did not send the demon, I was possessed. The demon used me to eavesdrop on our conversation.
Anya: Great, so now what? We have to talk in some sort of anti-Demon code?

"That's probably the sort of thing I'm not supposed to see, right?" - Dawn, after Buffy decapitates the demon

"I was happy. Wherever I was, I was happy. At peace. I knew that everyone I cared about was all right, I knew it. Time didn't mean anything. Nothing had form, but I was still me, you know? I was warm, I was loved, and I was finished. Complete. I don't understand theology or dimensions - any of it, really - but I think I was in Heaven. And now I'm not. I was torn out of there, pulled out by my friends. Everything here is hard and bright and violent. Everything I feel, everything I touch. This is Hell. Just getting through the next moment and the one after that, knowing what I've lost... They can never know. Never." - Buffy Summers



Well, at least I managed to tape the right channel this week. Much comedy in this episode written by Doug Petrie. Yep, I was one of Petrie's Dishes.

Trying to get back in the groove of things, the Buffster tries to fix a leak. And floods the house.

Yay!! Danny Strong is back as Jonathan.

Anya's getting really pissed with Xander not telling people about their engagement. And I don't know if it's because Xander really is trying to get it right, or if he's just a commitment-phobe.

Um, since when do demons rob banks? And Buffy saved the freakin' bank and they still turned down her loan. What a bunch of arseholes. This is bullshit!

Awesome that Giles is back. Very touching reunion. Awww... Yeah, I have a little bit of Giles/BUffy 'shipper in me.

WHAT???!!! Jonathan and gang had the M'Fashnik rob a bank in exchange for her head?? That little creep! And they're pretending to be super villains. Hahahah. Oh my god, it's the school dorks. Warren, the guy who built April, Andrew, the brother of Tucker, the kid who trained the prom hellbeasts, and Jonathan. This is too hilarious.

Why does everyone assume Buffy went to Hell? Does everyone go to hell? Buffy fuoght for good, for the Powers that Be. Who says she didn't go to Heaven. Which.. apparently she did.

Willow and Giles' tiff in the kitchen... I totally saw that coming, ever since the day Giles hid those spell books from her and she found them and used them anyway. As much as I love Willow, that girl is starting to be trouble.

Once again, Spike's there to make Buffy feel just a bit better. Good for him. If she touches him, I'll kill her. Grr.

Buffy's off to meet Angel "Somewhere in the middle." Hmm. Doesn't look like a crossover next week. I suspect that it's just going to be a case of Buffy telling the gang how the meeting went down. Or not even mentioning it.

"So, we meet at last, Mr. Drippy." - Buffy to the leaky pipe

"But I haven't spent any money. I was all dead and frugal." - Buffy Summers

"Easy. We burn the house to the ground and collect the insurance. Plus, fire pretty. [they stare at her] You guys, I'm kidding. Okay? It's bills, it's money, it's pieces of paper sent by bureaucrats that we've never even met. It's not like it's the end of the world. Which is too bad you know, 'cause that I am really good at." - Buffy Summers

"I'm supportive. I am totally supportive. I am a flying buttress of support!" - Xander to Anya

Anya: Hey! You tricked me! Just now with your fancy talk and lips. You keep doing this, and I keep forgetting, and you keep stalling!
Xander: Anya..
Anya: [walks away] When're you going to grow up, Xander?!

"I mean, even if the bank did get robbed - which you battling demons couldn't possibly know - you would think there was some kind of reward. But, no, they're like, 'we're not gonna give you money unless you prove you don't need it.' What kind of system is that?" - Willow Rosenberg

Xander: Score one for Captain Logic.
Anya: No, no, Captain Logic is not steering this tugboat. I smell Captain Fear at the wheel.

"That's a weird place for a horn. [closes the book] That's not a horn." - Dawn Summers

"Hello? Screen wipe. New scene. I had nothing to do with the devil dogs. I trained flying demon monkeys to attack the school play. School play, dudes!" - Andrew

Jonathan: Are we really gonna kill her? That's so sad.
Warren: Shut up, Whine-athan.
Andrew: But I don't wanna kill Buffy either.
Jonathan: Yeah, she saved my life a bunch of times. Plus she's hot.

Giles: You're a very stupid girl.
Willow: What? Giles.
Giles: Do you have any idea what you've done? The forces you've harnessed, the lines you've crossed?
Willow: I thought you'd be impressed or something.
Giles: Oh don't worry, you've made a very deep impression. Of everyone here, you were the one I trusted most to respect the forces of nature.
Willow: Are you saying you don't trust me?
Giles: Think about what you've done to Buffy.
Willow: I brought her back.
Giles: At incredible risk.
Willow: Risk? What risk? Making her deader?

"Having Buffy back in this world makes me feel indescribably wonderful, but I wouldn't congradulate you if jumped off a cliff and happened survive. - Giles to Willow

Giles: The magics you've channeled are more ferocious and primal than anything you could hope to understand and you are lucky to be alive, you rank, arrogant amature.
Willow: You're right. The magics I use are very powerful. I'm very powerful and maybe it's not such a good idea for you to piss me off.

"You want me to take them out? Give me a hell of a headache, but I could probably thin the herd a little. [Buffy smiles] Knew I could get a grin." - Spike

Buffy: Why are you always around when I'm miserable?
Spike: 'Cause that's when you're alone I reckon. I'm not one for crowds these days.
Buffy: Me neither
Spike: That works out nicely then.
Buffy: [pauses] So what do you know about finances?

M'Fashnik: You have cost me, Slayer!
Buffy: I cost you? That's a designer lamp, you mook!

Jonathan: It's true, my friends. The way I see it, life is like an interstellar journey. Some people go into hyper-sleep and travel at sub-light speeds, only to get where they're going after years of struggle and toil and hard, hard, work. We on the other hand..
Andrew: Blast through the space-time continuum in a wormhole?
Jonathan: Gentleman, crime is our wormhole.

"Well, I know I'm back in America now. I've been knocked unconscious." - Rupert Giles

"Who's calling me? Eeveryone I know lives here." - Buffy Sumemrs

Dawn: So, you think we'll starve?
Giles: I very much doubt it.
Dawn: No chance I'd have to quit school to work assembling cheap toys in a poorly ventilated sweat shop?
Giles: Poorly ventilated--what have you been reading?



Okay, yeah, Fred has a huge crush on Angel. Hahaha Angel's all excited about going to see the Charleton Heston double-feature: "Soylent Green" and "The Omega Man." And Fred's going along with him while everyone else says in. Glad Fred enjoyed the time out. Um, really, really enjoyed the time out. I think she thought Angel took her on a date.

Ew. Dude turned into a boneless flesh bag. That's disgusting.

I think Cordy's jealous of Fred. *eg*

Oh, that's not good. Demon just switched.. um.. bodies with Angel. Not demon. Old guy named Marcus.

Hahahah!! And when Cordy mentioned Fred the demon was all "Romance with Fred.. so I'm a.. [looks at himself] obviously." He thinks Angel's a big poof! And that Wesley's his.. hahahha

Ahhhhhh! I'm blind, I'm blind! Angel & Lilah having sex! Bad thought, bad thought!

Poor Fred :( I do feel bad for her. Not a Fred/Angel 'shipper, but she really didn't need to see Angel and Lilah getting busy on Wesley's desk. Hell, I didn't need to see Angel and Lilah getting busy on Wesley's desk.

Well, at least we get to see David dance. 'Cause you know the boy dances like a reject. It's hilarious.

"Angel, Willow's on the phone. She's alive. Buffy's alive!" Yeah, so, since Angel airs on Mondays and Buffy's on Tuesdays, we get the reverse effect of last year. Willow calls Angel to tell him that she's alive and Angel later calls Buffy to arrange a meeting. However, neither premiere for next week shows a crossover. That is such crap.

Cordelia: She's got the big puppy love. I mean, who wouldn't? You're handsome and brave and heroic. Emotionally stunted, erratic, prone to turning evil and let's face it, a eunuch.
Angel: Hey, how can you--I'm not a eunuch!
Cordelia: Angel, it's just a figure of speech.
Angel: Find a better one

"Julia Roberts never makes a realistic movie about being an escort. I think it should be called 'Pretty Skanky Woman'." - Cordelia Chase

"I'll tell you why you have a weak heart, Marcus: you never use it." - Angel

"It's like something out of Fitzgerald's. The man who can have everything but love. Well, maybe in some ways you're better off because love is... well, in a way everything. It's also heartache and disappointment and those are good things to avoid. - Winifred Burkle

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Nice opening scene showing that not everything's worked out (continuing later with the enviro controls and the replicator). Archer's taking a shower and gravity suddenly cut out, making.. uh.. everything float. Heh. Getting some pretty risque shots there. The gravity comes back and Archer falls on his ass. Yeah, I bet those Bakula haters found it real funny. :oP

Decompression chamber. Okay, it's interesting that that's kind of not needed now.. er.. in the future Trek. A lot of stuff seems to be taken for granted, like the transporter (that can't filter out matter that well yet), internal gravity fields, and the universal translator.

Wow.. scary vertigo enviro'ed ship. With eels on blue screens. Hahahah.

Okay, I like Archer, but he's being an asshole. I mean, Trip is about to pass out and Archer said himself that Tucker's "tough as nails." But I guess it worked out, 'cause Trip just got better.

Hey, they have a holodeck. Nothing like TNG's holodeck. Slutty eel alien. "This is a game we play." Yeah, right. "It takes four hands to work." Sure, I bet. Mindreading granule thingies. Ha!

Wow, that was very un-Captain-like for Archer to cover a huge-ass grin while T'Pol ragged on Trip. And when in command, could T'Pol just sit her ass in the chair and not at the edge of it.

Ut-oh.. Klingon battle cruiser! o_O Hey,that one dude looks like Worf. Weirdness.

Weak episode, overall. I mean, just check out the quotes below. Yeah, they stood out, but they're not really that great.

Tucker: What the hell're you talking about?"
PhLox: I'm not sure if congratulations are in order, Commander, but you're pregnant.

"Well, that's comforting, but how the hell did I get knocked up?" - Charles Tucker

"Three days. You were only there for three days and you couldn't restrain yourself." - T'Pol

"One of the first things a diplomat learns is to not stick his fingers where they don't belong." - T'Pol to Tucker

"Just how many of these am I gonna grow?" - Charles Tucker



I'm glad that guy got drained at the beginning of the episode. He was annoying. "You look.. whoa." Pfft. Real smooth, buddy.

LMAO!! The demon domestic disturbance in the beginning was pretty funny, too. Dragged them through the back room of the dry cleaners for processing.

Venefica Annalis, a Year Witch; what the myth about witches is based on. Well, that's nice to know.

Aww... O'Malley's mom is in the hospital. And Carl actually had sympathy.

Isabelle is a sleazy ho. Yeah, she did it. And she invited Nick to a club to what? Suck the life out of him. Hmm.. yeah, I'd say so. She was trying to play him, but come on! O'Malley is the original slime bag. Heh. He swiped her martini glass to get her fingerprints. Nyah.

Argh, Nick. Nick, what're you doing getting with that Venefica! Five minutes into the date and she's already got him out of his own clothes.. and into a suit. Michael Landes looks very *thud*-worthy in a suit. Hmm.. That actress playing Isabelle looks very familiar.

They're playing "Leave You Far Behind" by Lunatic Calm. I love that song!

Ut-oh... Isabelle is takin' people out. Poor Eddie.

Okay, well, Isabelle is really Carolyn Hammet, 26, came from a bad home and wanted to reinvent herself. So she says.

Um.. chasing a limo is bad.. especially where is rams into a wall and blows up.

Uh huh. Isabelle is the Venefica. And jeebus she's a glutton. Killed Williams, partially drained Eddie, and now she's after Nick? Holy frell girl. What happened to once every seven days?

Hm. Never have any doubt in Nick. He knew Isabelle was the link, he faked her out and killed her. The telemerase that they gathered from the Year Witch is used in his mom's IV so he could have a chance to talk to her. Big "aw" all around.

Jonathan: I can't help it if I like what I do.
O'Malley: I like what I do, too, but I don't vibrate in place.

"It's hard not to think about the things you wish you'd said." - Nick O'Malley

"Everything's a game. There are winners and losers." - Isabelle

Carl: O'Malley has all the luck.
Kate: Carl, she's probably a life-sucking murderer.
Carl: Whatever.

"Actually, I had some ammo left. I was just playing." - Nick to Isabelle

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Caught some funny quotes from The 5th Wheel. Aisha Tyler used to be the host of Talk Soup.

"He's like the romantic equivalent of a flesh-eating virus." - Aisha Tyler, the 5th Wheel

"His nice guy routine is getting all kinds of milage." - Aisha Tyler, the 5th Wheel


Hey, ya know, if Phoebe doesn't want to combat train with Cole, I'd gladly take her place in a split second. *eg*

Man, what is up with Daniel Dae Kim playing the baddies? And on the WB too. :-/ I liked him better when he was on Crusade.

Note to Self: No randomly chucking magickal ingredients into pots and making wishes over them It's just.. not good.

What bug is up Cole's butt? I know the Source is out to kill the sisters, which includes Phoebe, so I know he's being all over-protective, but he's being a dick about it. And come on, Cole. Grown a brain. That was so not your girlfriend. Okay, okay, so he made up for it by being all sweet and shimmering her to France for some private time. But hey, if Paige-in-Phoebe hadn't said anything to him, he would still be trying to train her for the Source.

Poor Piper, always getting dragged into stuff when she's just trying to go about her day. Well, okay, that happens to all the Charmed Ones. And her soul get's sucked into the Dragon Blade. Argh. Poor self-sacrificing girl.

I never realized how annoying Paige was until Alyssa Milano immitated that character. Gods, I hope Paige grows up soon. Anyway, the two did a good job pretending to be the other's character. Rose McGowan is so much better playing a more mature character. Found out that she's no longer engaged to Marilyn Manson, so yay.

"Appealing to my conscience. Such a low blow." - Paige Halliwell

"You need to learn how to fight like demon, Phoebe. Training must come before everything. Even us." - Cole Turner

Leo: Whoa, what--what're you doing?
Paige: You know. Just preparing for the Source.
Leo: Oh, is he coming over for dinner?

Paige-in-Phoebe: Why do you automatically assume it was something that I did?
Phoebe-in-Paige: Paige!
Paige-in-Phoebe: All right, all right, I did it. But it was an accident, I swear!

"You wanted to be me? Are you crazy?" - Phoebe-in-Paige

"If we don't fix this soon, I am going to perm your hair." - Phoebe-in-Paige

"I always expected the entrance to reincarnation to be a nice river, or even pearly gates. The last thing I expected to see was a big, sucking hole." - Yenlo

"Oh, my god. You are so bad for my image." - Phoebe-in-Paige to Paige-in-Phoebe

Phoebe-in-Paige: I'm not showing you a very good time, am I?
Mason: Well, I dunno. I mean, we're in Chinatown shopping for a sexual stimulant. I'm surrounded by chicken claws and goat brains. I haven't had this much fun in a long time.

Cole: Phoebe, you're the most important thing in my life. If I don't push you hard, I will lose you.
Paige-in-Phobe: Keep pushing her that way and you'll push her right out the door.

"Oh, it's you, Black belt Barbie." - Yenlo to Phoebe

"I am no greater or less than anyone facing death." - Zen Master

"Death is a part of life. A transition, a rebirth." - Zen Master

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Jean gets the MVP award, goes up to make a speech and freaks because she can hear everyone's thoughts. Er.. and Scott and Kurt are the only ones being supportive of her. I really thought she had more control than that.

OH MY GOD!!! Hank McCoy is their chemistry teacher! And he's going to teach them to make stink bombs. hahahah Oh, super plus, he's the track coach! Definitely a mutie, because jeez, he caught those whatevers with no problem.

It was cool seeing Rahne shift to Wolfsbane and Bobby make the ice ballerine for um.. I dunno, the Asian girl. She could be anyone.

Aww, poor Jeannie. I do feel bad for her not being able to control her powers. And Rogue's willingness to "drain the excess" while Scott tries to get Jean to focus on him. Then Jean started speaking through Rogue, and Scott was I duno, talking to Rogue as if she were Jean, saying that he knows her better than anyone ever will. The look on Rogue's face when Scott ran to Jean was just heartbreaking. Poor girl.

Definitely the episode that solidifies the Jean/Scott 'shipp rather than my preferred Evo Rogue/Scott 'shipp. I don't know why I like Scott/Rogue so much.. they just seem to suit each other better in this 'verse.

"Perky Jean's got enough people gushing over her." - Rogue

"Know what I think? You've got a little thing for Scott Summers." - Misty to Rogue

"You guys care for some hors d'oeuvres, like some macho cheese dip?" - Jean to Duncan & Scott

Scott: You risked so much to save her, Rogue. What made you do it?
Rogue: [looks away] It was nothing.
Scott: Yes, it was. Tell me.
Rogue: Me and Miss Popularity there, we're worlds apart, galaxies. But then I realized something.
Scott: What?
Rogue: That she'd do the same thing for me.
Scott: Believe it, Rogue, we all would.



I think the opener for this was a little too overly dramatic. Which might have been good until they played that cheesey music at the end, right be for the opening theme. Is this about Juggernaut? Because he's annyoing.

Episode starts out with Xavier leaving Scott and Jean in charge. Oh yeah, that's a good idea.

Jean's jealous of Scott and Teryn. Hahahha. Serves her right for hanging out with Duncan. Man, this show is going all Jean/Scott 'shipper. Well, I mean, I guess that's true to form, but what about Rogue? I was so hoping for a Scott/Rogue 'shipp. Boo. And sheesh, could Jean be more of a bitch? Scott walks ahead of her she gets pissy and uses her power to drag him back. Then stomps ahead and shouts "are you coming, or what?!"

Party good. Party guests hacking into the Cerbro system bad. Also, partiers trashing the mansion, bad.

Oh, Arcade! Duh, I should've made the connection sooner. In the comics, Arcade was the madman who always got the X-Men into his little fun houses of terror. And he's still the red-headed dweeb. Damn, he's turned the mansion into a funhouse. Oh man, Defcon 4 is very, very bad.

Something else I have to wonder about. I know Kitty, Rogue, Evan, and Kurt were in the mansion, so I guess they could have changed into the uniforms, but Jean and Scott were on the main lawn. Now, even if there was a place for them to change while the statues were shooting lasers at them, where did the uniforms come from?? Neither of them had a bag. Gotta be some kind of weird Superman-like thing.

Holy frell! Brit girl Misty Wilde is Mystique?? Wasn't that badly dyed goth getting a tour of the mansion a couple weeks ago? And shouldn't Xavier have scanned her or something? ::rolls eyes:: Hmm... Okay, and they changed Mystique's character design. I don't know if I like it. She's very.. um, Gargoyles actually. Got little fangs and her eyes glow red when she's angry. Like the new black leather outfit, but I don't think I like the rest of her. Her skin's way too dark and her eyes are more feline and way too high up on her face. It just looks really weird.

Think they changed the voice actor for Kitty. It sounds a bit too high, but at least she's stopped saying "like" every 5 seconds.

"Don't let the power of command go to your head, Professor S." - Jean to Scott

"Take me home, you ego-maniac." - Jean to Scott

"Oh, I get it now. Lure me out here and then conveniently have car trouble. Boy, that's original." - Jean to Scott

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monday, october 15

Well, I finally decided to add a comments thingy to my blog. I tried to install cgicomments for two hours but the damn thing just wouldn't work. So now I'm using ReBlogger which was a hell of a lot easier to install, but the downside is that it doesn't store any of the comments. Oh well. Don't say anything profound, I guess. LOL

LHK Narcissus in Chains review coming soon.
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tuesday, october 9





Score! Tim Minear wrote tonight's episode. I am such a Mineakateer. ^_^ High quality episodes blending comedy and drama from this fantabulous writer. Just look at the opening: Angel apologizing to Merl for treating him badly. Merl refusing to accept the apology 'cause, come on, Angel's reading off a piece of paper. Angel wanting Merl to hit him... which the poor demon does and is immediately thrown back by a mystical forcefield. How can you not find that funny?

Liked the Angel/Gunn/Wesley conflicts developing/surfacing here. I don't think Angel ever really trusted Gunn and Gunn definitely never trusted Angel on account of the whole thing with his sister getting vamped and the Angel!Beast story arc last season. Wesley did trust Gunn and I think Gunn still trusts Wesley, but Wes isn't too pleased with what went down here. Speaking of Gunn's sister, it's weird that we haven't really heard anything more about Alonna since that first episode where Gunn had to stake his own sister. I dunno. It's odd that it was only really starting to bother him now.

Oooo.. Angel in leather pants. That's always a good thing. Particularly nice since he's not evil.. I still associate David in leather with Angelus. And a little smile from Angel and Cordy does what he asks. Come on, Cordy/Angel 'shipp!

Man, I know demons aren't like pagent winners or anything, but did that sewer one have to be so.. narsty? It was all gooky and white and eww...

Geo was a bastard. I knew he had to die so when that weird demon went all MIB and turned into a big bug, then munched down on Geo's head, yeah, I was happy. Still, I wonder what the Host read and what exactly happened to that girl in Miami.

Now, the old Cordelia would never have cared about Fred. Then again the old Cordelia wouldn't have been working for Wesley. *ahem* Anyway, it's kinda nice how maybe Cordelia's feeling a bit responsible for Fred. I kinda like Fred.. well, more than I did. She's mousey. And crazy. It was so cute when she was singing "Crazy." And damn, the girl has guts. When she stood up, volunterring to kill Angel, I was pissed. I mean, Angel has done so much for her and she's going to kill him? Boy was I wrong. Fred turned the crossbow on Geo and starts ranting away about the different ways he could die if a bolt went through his neck. That was actually pretty funny.

This week's hard hitting issue: Specieism. I don't care if that's a word or not, but that's what was going on here. Gunn started the street team to defend themselves against vampires. But his friend (Rondell?) changed the mission after Gunn left. Now they kill any and all demons, even the ones that are completely harmless. Hell, they busted into Caritas and just started shooting the place up. There were humans in there too, ya know? But they didn't care. If you associated with demons, you were one of them. Uh huh. Does that sound familiar? What makes all demons evil or mutants dangerous? Are "blacks" lesser than "whites"? Like I said before, another great story from Minear.

"We're not friends, Merl. We barely know each other!" - Angel

[after Merl smashes into the mystical forcefield]
Host: I'm sure Angel just forgot for the moment that any demon violence is impossible in Caritas.
Angel: [innocently] Uh huh, yeah, I forgot.

"Ask yourself this: if I killed Merl, would I have brought donuts?" - Angel

"Hey Charles, let me make it simple for you. [vamps] Take a look. This is what I am. Deal with it or don't, but make a damn choice." - Angel

Cordelia: [stops talking about money] When you said 'equipped', that's not what you meant, was it?
Three Sisters: Mmm... Angel.
Cordelia: In that case, ew.

"If you ever withhold information or attempt to subvert me again, I will fire you. I can't have any one member of this team compromising the safety of the group, no matter who it is. If you do it again, you will be dismissed. Bag and baggage, out of a job, onto the streets." - Wesley to Gunn

Gunn: No matter what else, I think I proved that you could trust me when I coulda killed you and I didn't.
Angel: No, you'll prove I can trust you when the day comes that you have to kill me and you do.




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sunday, october 7

The US started bombing Afghanistan today. And good for us that we're not cowering in our homes, because really -- what're they gonna do? Steal our bombers to attack us? Puh-leaze. The only Americans in danger right now are ground troops who will be moving into Afghanistan.

Osama Bin Laden calls Bush "Head of the Infidels" hahahahah

Shirking my responsibilities as a student for the E! Buffy Special and two hours of Angel. So.. watch for the spoilery stuff below.

The E! Buffy the Vampire Slayer Special hosted by Kristin Malia (she's annoying)

Glad to finally see one of these. Buffy always gets shafted, ya know? But this was great. Sarah Michelle Gellar's still an emaciated little bitch, but what can you do? James Marsters is hilarious; the guys does not stop. lol It was nice to hear Tony Head's normal accent, which sounds pretty much like Spike's. Tony's a damn cool guy. I'm gonna miss him, especially with that musical episode coming around. Sarah can not sing.

Alyson Hannigan was cute as always. I found it vaguely funny when Sarah said that the internet fans were responsible for the success of the show when in reality she hates us and thinks 'Net face are pimple-faced geeks. Well, glad that she's finally admitting that she has a stunt double. Heh. Coulda done that when the fabulous Sophia Crawford was still willing to work with the bitch.

Gods, this thing is like "How many times can we say 'Sarah Michelle Gellar'" in an hour. And Hooooly jeebus. First season David looks scary. He looks so much better now. Those two are like opposites. Sarah looked good in season two and she's downright scary now. David was hot earlier, but much more handsome and a better actor now.

I didn't know that they shot Buffy in blocks. Hmm... That's hard sometimes from what I hear from the Farscape crew.

"High school is when your life is most like a horror movie." - Joss Whedon

"It's not that hard, but don't tell the actors that. I want them to think I'm smart." - Joss Whedon

"After the first day it's like 'oh, she's cute' and now it's like 'oh, she's like my sister.'" - Nick Brendon

"He's a good guy. But he can't really fight. And he gets knocked out a lot." - Nick Brendon on Xander

"Did you see the bed in there? Okay, I don't know anything about what's going to happen, you see, but all I do know is that there's a bed in my crypt over there and everytime I've had a bed, I've had a girlfriend. So yeah, I like my crypt a lot." - James Marsters from the set of Season 6

"The people around here are insane. They are not--the producers and directors, uh, TV isn't good enough for these people. They want a feature film every week." - James Marsters

"We work really hard. We crack little jokes and everyting, but there's no practical jokes around here. So, uh, if we blew a take on a practical joke, that would take 20 minutes. If I add the money up, what is that? $35,000...$37,000? So... no." - James Marsters

"Sometimes we'll be in a scene and belt out a song. I dunno, there's a lot of little... I'm exhausted, I just sang and danced." - Nick Brendon

"No. No, would you ever get used to it if someone was screaming at ya? I don't think so. Unless they're screaming 'Look out! Tiger!' I could get used to that." - Seth Green on screaming fans

"Yeah, that's something I won't live down for the next life." - Alyson on the "band camp" line

"We were flirting with each other, but he didn't actually wanna date 'cause you know, 'working together'. He wanted to be a professional. Whatever." - Alyson Hannigan on dating Alexis Denisof

"Then she went off and went out with someone else, which really pissed me off so when they finally broke up, I nabbed her." - Alexis Denisof on dating Alyson Hannigan

"I've been a little bit outspoken about the Emmys continually snubbing Joss and the show. It's just.. it's.. it's not cool. It's just not." - Emma Caulfield

"But no, she's really dead. Like, the worms are eating her brain. She's decomposing. Seriously." - James Marsters on the season five finale

"We were a mid-season replacement on the WB called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You see how much respect you get in the beginning. I mean we joked, like we couldn't pay directors to come do the show and everyone just sort of laughed at us. And when I first got the show a friend of mine said 'oh, don't worry, you'll get another pilot next year'." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

spoilers for Angel season premiere: "Heartthrob"



Okay, so they don't even discuss Buffy's death. That is so messed up. Wait, no, Cordy's talking about it. But they can't say her name. Sheesh. I lied again. They say her name once at the end.

Ahhhh!!! Amy Acker's a cast member. Two episodes and she's a cast member?! What the frell is that?? Oh, wait.. Gunn only had two, too. But Gunn and cool and Fred is... weird. But I kind of like her in an annoying sort of way. I think Julie Benz should be a cast member, 'cause she's cool! *g* I wuv Darla ^_^

Aww.. Angel and Fred are kinda cute. Still a hopeful Angel/Cordy 'shipper, but Fred's kind of like the little kid, so I can deal :oP

Nice action sequences. Except for the part where James broke into the hotel. That just seemed like bad editing. The widescreen format is pretty interesting. I don't really notice is anymore, but it definitely gives the show a more cinematic feel. I kinda like it.

Poor Cordy :( She's come so far since her first appearance on Buffy. Good thing she has Phantom Dennis there to take care of her. I'm glad that he's written into it more. Charisma had a good look this yeat - professional yet cute haircut and she's dressing a bit more.. uh.. less like a hooker? Heh.

James and Elisabeth are like a poor man's Spike and Dru. When the hell did Angelus and Darla wander off without Spike and Dru in the 1700's? Well, maybe not Spike, since he was vamped in the 1800s, but Drusilla, certainly. Where was she?

Angel/Cordy 'shipper. I mentioned that already. 'Cause I like that idea. Buffy's dead and I never really liked Buffy & Angel together that much anyway. Cordy & Angel however... definite potential. Hell, Buffy died and Angel is fine.

Holy. Frell. Darla's pregnant?! How did that happen?? I mean, I know how it happened, but.. are they implying that Angel is the father?? Holy jeebus.

Gunn: Buf--
Cordelia: Don't say the 'B' word.
Gunn: The B word was the love of his life.

"You guys amaze me. You'll fight hell beasts, but you're afraid of rats." - Cordelia Chase

Cordelia: See, we have sources now.
Angel: Yeah, you're almost like real detectives.
Gunn: Hey.
Angel: Kidding.

"Why are people always running off and leaving me? Am I a bad bloke? I don't think so." - Angelus

"Shouldn't he be on fire?" - Cordelia, after Angel threw James outside into the sun

Angel: I am okay.
Cordelia: Then what's the problem?
Angel: That I'm okay. That losing Buffy didn't kill me, that I can deal with it. In all those years, no one ever matter - not like she did - and now she's gone forever.
Cordelia: And you're still here.
Angel: Yeah. It feels like I'm betraying her somehow.
Cordelia: No. If you were a loser, if you were a sick, obsessed vampire, you'd go to a Snog demon and get your heart cut out, but you're not. You're a living, breathing - well, living anyway - good guy who's still fighting and trying to help people. And that's not betraying her, that's honoring her.
Angel: You think?
Cordelia: I'm Cordelia. I don't think. I know.
Angel: Okay
Cordelia: So.. can we get back to work now?
Angel: There's work?




end spoilers for Angel premiere




There was some great dialogue in this episode and I really don't have that many comments on it.

::hugs Cordy:: This was like the "beat on Cor" episode. Her visions are having physical manifestations and she's trying to suck it up and hide it. Poor girl. Love Angel and really glad he cares, but he asked Fred to take her home? I mean... Fred?!

Daniel Dae Kim is still playing Wolfram & Hart baddie, Gavin park, who's trying to defeat Angel by using... uh... building violations. Yeah. Good strategy. hahaahha Lilah's an evil bitch, so obviously she has an appropriately evil plan. Damn her.

Angel and Skip's conversation was the most absurd conversation ever. I mean.. what exactly was that about? It was hysterical! Jeffrey Bell needs to script more episodes. Dude writes quality stuff.

I really liked the Darla mini-stories at the end of this episode and the premiere. It kind of explains where she had wandered off to all those months ago. It sounded like she tried to abort the baby, but Angel Jr. wasn't having any of that. Very interesting...

"Yes, having my head torn open and hot lava poured into my skull are gifts." - Cordelia Chase

"Well, now that we've had this lovely reintroduction, why don't you piss off?" - Wesley Wyndham-Pryce to Gavn Park

"I've been forkin' with Gunn." - Winifred Burkle

Gunn: How come whatever we're searching for is always in the last place we look?
Wesley: I suppose it's one of the unwritten laws of being a dick. [Gunn looks at him] A sleuth. A gumshoe. Sherlock.
Gunn: All I know is, you use the word 'dick' one more time and we're gonna have a problem.

"Damn. Grandma and Grandpa got game." - Charles Gunn

Cordelia: Did you just compare me to a car?
Angel: Well, it's a very nice car.
Cordelia: I guess it's better than a dog.

"Sure, 'cause it'd be too easy if I could actually defend myself." - Angel

"I mean, there's only so many oh my god, the pain please make it stops you can listen to before it starts to bug the crap out of you." - Skip

Lilah: You're a remarkable man, Angel.
Angel: Yeah, and you're an evil bitch.

"Don't you come at me through Cordelia ever again. You play that card, I'll kill ya." - Angel to Lilah Morgan

"Well, I guess there's only one thing left to do. Time to go visit daddy." - Darla


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saturday, october 6

Really dig this show. Can't get enough of the new, improved teenaged X-Team.

These new mutants are going to be a pain in the ass. And how is it that Prof X just found a whole bunch of new mutants? Pfft. Whatever. I feel a little bad for the Brotherhood boys. They live in a dump.

Bad, Kurt! The fuzzy elf has no resistance to peer pressure. And, hello?? Kurt/Kitty 'shipper here. Kurt + Tabith = ick

Someone remind me again... Jean is a telepath, right? But she's just so... dense. How can she hang out with Duncan all the time and then see Scott on a stupid carnival ride with Teryn and get all sad and jealous? Is she stupid?? Wait, no she is.

Tabitha is annoying and she's hitting on my wittle Nightcrawler. Grr. Well, okay, she's really not. She's just pushy... bossy.. and she sure like Bogarting people's stuff.

Tabby's dad is a jerk. What a feckin arsehole. He'd rather grab the bag of money than save his life, even when the daughter who said she doesn't want to have anything to do with him is begging him to save himself. Jerk.

Um.. Tabitha just went and joined the Brotherhood... and broke into Mystique's room. Hahahhaha! Guess Boomer's gonna fill the void left by Mystique and Rogue's disappearance. Maybe she'll get that place back in order. Or.. not.

"Oh, man. Boom Boom? You placed my life in the hands of a maniac?!" - Kurt

Tab: Yo, Badger, tug us up!
Logan: [growls] It's Wolverine.

Kurt: She's funny, ya know?
Scott: Yeah. Yeah, so funny she almost got you killed this morning.

"Those hands of yours? I'm thinkin' I might relocate 'em. *snikt* Into a jar on my desk." - Wolverine to Mr. Smith

"Yeah, don't she know? No chicks allowed in the Brotherhood House." - Toad

Scott: So, how bad's the damage?
Kurt: I have to wash all our uniforms, wax the X-Jet, and clean out the Danger Room every day for a month.
Scott: Well.. that's not so bad.
Kurt: After Logan sessions.


Oh a side note, I found a site with information on the New Mutants so now I know who they are. Heh. I'm not really sure which New Mutants made it on; there are two (one who can clone himself and a girl who manifests fireballs) that I'm not sure about. I did notice that Robert "Ice Man" Drake is in the new group. He's wasn't a New Mutant though. *shrug* I'm not sure if the Asian girl is Jubilee or Karma, but since she wasn't plastered in yellow or dressed like an 80's mallrat, I'm gonna go with Karma.

Xi'an "SHAN" Coy Manh aka Karma - Karma's mutant power allows her to take possession of the minds of other people or animals. She control's her subject's actions and experiences what the subject's senses perceive. While possessed by Shan, her victim descends into a dreamless sleep, and will have no memory of his/her experience. Karma can possess multiple subjects simultaneously, though her control over her subjects then becomes weaker.

Samuel Guthrie aka Cannonball - Cannonball possesses the ability to generate thermo-chemical energy and release it from his skin. This energy, released by an act of will, is accompanied by smoke, flame and condensation, much like the exhaust of a rocket engine. At his present level of experience, he can only release this energy in one direction, beneath him. The equal and opposite reaction to this thrust causes his body to be propelled through the air like a human rocket. At first, he could not stop his propulsion until his immediate store of energy was depleted or until he hit an obstruction of sufficient mass to stop him. However, he has since learned how to cut off his propulsive power at will.

Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfbane - Wolfsbane is a mutant metamorph who can, through mental concentration, transform herself into a wolf, while retaining most of her human intelligence, or into a transitional form which combines both human and lupine aspects. She cannot adopt any other form but these, nor can she take the form of different kinds of wolves. Her wolf form always has the same physical characteristics, which are those of a wolf a few months short of adulthood. Presumably when Wolfsbane herself becomes an adult, her lupine form will be that of an adult wolf.

Robert Drake aka Iceman - Iceman is able to lower his external and internal body temperature, thereby radiating intense cold. In addition, he can transform himself into ice at will and freeze any moisture in the air around him -- thus generating slides, shields, bats and other objects. He is immune to sub-zero temperatures.

Roberto DeLacosta aka Sunspot - Sunspot harnesses solar energy created by the sun enabling him to unleash it as superhuman strength and later the ability to fly.

Tabitha Smith aka Boom Boom/Boomer/Meltdown - Meltdown has the ability to create "time bombs" out of pure energy which detonate in about three seconds and/or on impact.
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thursday, october 4

I watched way too much TV for my own good today. Oh well. TV is fun. I like TV. It's my friend :D

Okay, the theme music is starting to grow on me, but it still seems horribly out of place for a Trek show. Anyone know who sings it?

I don't think anyone figured out what that squeaking in the captain's quarters was.

Man, their technology is already way better than the original. Heh. However, translating and announcing where the ship is from? Well, that's good. Let's just tell every alien where Earth is. ::rolls eyes::

I wonder when they switched colors for the uniforms? Like, from red for engineering/security and gold for command to red for command and gold for engineering/security. Er.. guess sometime between the original series and Next Generation

Things that are cool: Porthos is the cutest dog ^_^ Those spacesuits are a lot cooler than the ones from "First Contact." Hoshi Sato's on-the-spot translation of a language she's never seen/heard before.

Okay, so Hoshi picked up a slug from some planet and spends most of the episode moping and afraid Slugo's gonna die. Plus the whole thing is some metaphor for her not feeling like she fits in. It was nice of them to return the slug somewhere, but aren't there any rules against introducing foreign species to other planets? Like, destruction of an ecosystem or something?

"Not everyone choses to answer the door when they hear a knock." - T'Pol

"Cheese?" - Jonathan Archer to Hoshi Sato

Doctor Phlox: It goes without saying that you're going to encounter the unexpected.
Hoshi: Not corpses on hooks.

"Must be great not to let things bother you. No remorse. No guilt. What if they were Vulcans? Think you would've reacted the same way?" - Jonathan Archer to T'Pol

The music for this show is the kick! Michael Landes is so much cooler in this than he was in Lois & Clark playing Jimmy Olsen 1.0, or Drew Carey where he played Bell's nephew.

This episode's link was the Sandman. Much weirdness.. he's butt, too.

OMG!!! Michelle whats-her-face from Travelers! LMAO I was wondering what that girl had been up to. Bit part as a sleazey parasite in a UPN was not something I would have thought of...

I kinda like the new girl. She's like SU2 damage control, deals with the press and stuff. Can't remember her name. Speaking of damage control, the jurisdiction battle Nick had with the SWAT team guy was kinda funny, 'cause usually they can just flash their SU2 IDs and be on their way. Nick was being all bitchy with Mr. SWAT Leader who felt the need to flex his muscles.. until his commander talked to him and told him to get the frell out of O'Malley's way.

"How about I don't stick you in the microwave and push the popcorn button?" - Nick O'Malley to the Parasite

Carl: You've heard of an id, haven't you, O'Malley?
Nick: Yes, in your case it's short for 'idiot.'

"That's funny. I got a fake laugh with your name all over it." - Carl

"Jealousy is so ugly. And so are you." - Carl

"Do you know how hard it is to meet a guy when you're single, in your twenties, and heavily armed?" - Kate Benson





Well, I guess by now we all know Shannen Doherty can't hold a job on a Spelling show. She left Charmed for the same reason she left Beverly Hills 90210: She's a raving bitch and can't get along with anyone.

Now, I am just a little confused. Apparently it's only been a week sinc the events of the finale happened. Phoebe is back in the house, and Leo was off trying to get Cole out, I guess. Which is.. weird.. 'cause I remember Phoebe, Cole, and Leo being stuck down below. Huh.

Damn, they should get whatever spell it is Willow used to bring Buffy back. Then again, on this show dark magic has all shorts of consequences.

::jumps up and down:: Score! Julian's still a cast member!! Waahoo! ^_^ Love him.

Rose McGowan may be a freak, but I already like her better than Doherty. And she's very.. pale. Is there some kind of regulation whereby the Charmed Ones should all have names starting with "P"? Because that's just goofy. And I didn't know each Charmed One was supposed to have a specific power, like when Piper told Paige that the third sister was supposed to be able to move objects with her mind. Huh.

Dang, Cole does cool tricks. Throw him off a tower and he just shimmers back up. Nifty. You know what I noticed? Cole's uh.. energy.. isn't red anymore. It's like good-guy blue. And geez could they have scared me more by having Cole run through with a sword? I sat there and stared at the TV all through the commercial break. x_X

Well, Detective Cortes (Cortez?) is the new mystery element. That used to be Darryl's job since we didn't know if he was really with them all the way or not. No doubts about good ol' Darryl anymore as he's risked his life for the girls and even knocked Cortes out when he walked in on Phobe & Piper while they were talking to gramms and mom! Eek! o_O I dunno. Cortes seems to have potential, though. After Leo saved his life, he had the decency to give Darryl the tape he made of the demon and the girl instead of handing it over to the Captain.

The Paige thing was weird. I mean, she went from freaking out (which was weird, because from her office setup, I thought she was maybe goth-y or pagan or something) to dancing on the dark side, to becoming one of the Charmed Ones. And I guess.. character points for offering to help save Cole because she remembered that she was half Whitelighter. Not that I ever really thought she'd become evil.. it would be kinda stupid since she's the third sister and it's the first episode of the season.

That fortune telling slut working for The Source is annoying.

Pretty decent premiere, all in all. Phobe and Piper now have Paige, Cole is alive and well, and there are possibly two cops on their side. Yay!

Next week: Paige gets in trouble for misusing her powers.

"She orbed. She orbed?! Did you just see that?" - Phoebe to Cole after Paige uh.. orbed

"Isn't it obvious by now that our destiny is just to die?! And you are walking right into it!" - Piper to Phoebe

"Hmm, apples don't fall far from the forbidden tree, I see." - Cole upon hearing Patty Halliwell had a relationship with her Whitelighter

"And I thought my family was screwed up." - Cole Turner

"Um, it's kinda hard for me to heal myself when I'm knocked out." - Leo Wyatt

"Damn bounty hunters. They're like gnats." - Cole Turner

[Paige just orbed the candle into her hand]
Phoebe: "So, perhaps the Whitelighter in her makes it work differently?"
Piper: "Half-breed."

"Who makes up these cockamamie rules? [Leo looks up, Cole looks down] Oh, nevermind." - Piper Halliwell





OH FRELL! Gilmore Girls *AND* Buffy on the same night, at the same time. That's bullfrell!
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wednesday, october 3

Well, since construction of Confusion Tolerance and Amantis Vox are still a ways off and I need a place to rant about my favorite actors, I thought I'd stick it here. What not? It's my page ^.^

James Marsters
Born August 20, 1962 in Greenville, California. 5'10", blue eyes, left-handed, and got that scar on his eyebrow during an attempted mugging in Queens. Has a son named Sullivan, according to

Love this guy to death! I first saw him on Buffy the Vampire Slayer playing Spike, a punk-rock vampire who fawned after the frail vampiress, Drusilla (more about that below). He's had guest spots in a number of TV series, such as Millenium and Northern Exposure, and is currently a regular cast member for the 6th season of Buffy as well as a role in Amber Benson's independent film, "Chance."

Why do I love this guy so much? Hmm.. dunno. I've hread lots and lots of great things about him from people who have met him at Nocturnal. He always makes time for the fans and goes the extra mile for them. At the last Nocturnal con, James showed up at the fancy dress ball and just hung out with people and made DJ requests until... really late. Heard he walked a girl back to her room, too. *ahem* I dunno, he just seems like he'd be a fun guy to be around. Sorta like Spike.. except less bitey. Heh. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that he plays the guitar quite regularly at the LA club, 14 Below.

"I patterned the accent after this guy I was in a play with, but that was three years ago. Now I'm listening to Tony Head (Giles in Buffy), who sounds kind of like Spike in real life. It's much more tough-guy talk in real life. His accent (as Giles) is just as fake as mine. His is nice and gritty, but it's not North London. I'm always afraid that I'm morphing over into Tony Head, wherever he's from." - on his british accent in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"It's just me and a guitar, so I'm not going to be doing a lot of Smashing Pumpkins. I do Tom Waits, Neil Young, Bob Dylan. That's all the good stuff, man. That's when they had good songs written for just voice and guitar. I wish I could do Johnny Lee Hooker, but I'm not that good." - on his acoustic performance at 14 Below, Santa Monica on 29th August 2000.

"All I really wanted was a spectacular death. A good quip and a chance to kick butt." - on playing Spike

Spike and Drusilla
The Sid and Nancy of the Buffy world, though I always thought Spike was more Billy Idol than Sid Vicious. The wickedly cool Drusilla is played by Juliet Landau, daughter of actor Martin Landau.

Still my favorite Buffy 'shipp after six years. I like these two so much better than the *gag* Buffy/Angel thing people are still hoping will happen. Think about it. Spike was a ruthless, kick ass vampire who had killed two Slayers in his 100+ years, but he still treated Dru like a princess. He loved her more than you'd think a soul-less vampire was capable of and he would do anything - get anything - for her. Angel, on the other hand was a tortured soul who was basically Slayer-whipped. Moving to LA was the best thing the poof could have done. Moving on. Spike and Dru had the perfect relationship until Angelus returned and frelled up poor Spike's chances with her, Angelus being Dru's sire and all. When Spike decided to help Buffy defeat Angelus, Drusilla left him for a *eww* chaos demon.

Spike then moved on to Harmony, was pretty much just an annoying little tralk that he liked to abuse. Ater that went caput and Harm became all self-empowered, Spike started pining for the Slayer - a storyline which was funny for the single episode, "Something Blue," but the extended stalking and persuing was pathetic and annoying. I do, however, admire his current determination to take care of Dawnie.

If I (and several others) were to have my way, Spike/Angel would be a current conventional 'shipp.

Hugh Jackman
Born October 12, 1968 in Sydney, Australia. 6'3", brown eyes, youngest of 5 children. Has a Communications degree with a journalism major from the University of Technology Sydney. Hugh is currently married to Deborra-Lee Furness (41) and they have one adopted son, Oscar. In his spare time Hugh plays piano, golf and guitar and likes to windsurf.

Okay, so first of all, Hugh looks completely different than the Wolverine character he played in "X-Men." He's a hell of a lot taller, for one thing. He's also got a much nicer disposition - the guy always has a smile on his face. Heard a few fan encounters and he seems to really care about the fans, which is always a plus. Hugh is an accomplished singer and has starred as Gaston in the Australian production of "Beauty and the Beast" and appeared as Joe Gillis in the Australian production of "Sunset Boulevard." In 1998 he was cast as Curly in the Royal National Theatre's production of "Oklahoma".

All right, so there's not much reason for me to like him except that he's a pretty face, intensely loyal to his wife, and the best father to his adopted son. Heh, that Aussie accent doesn't hurt either.

Hugh and Deb
The two met on the set of the ABC prison drama, Corelli, for which Hugh was offered the starring role. They were married in February 1996. They're always seen together, even when Hugh is filming. There was a story about the time Deb visited Hugh on the set of "Someone Like You." They were set to shoot the some kissing scene between Hugh and Ashley and Deb walks up to Ashley and says something to the effect of, "I hope you enjoy this because you're getting paid for it!" But she said it in a happy way, like, good for you. Well, that's what I hear anyway.

Ben Browder
Born December 11, 1962 in Memphis, Tennessee. 6'2", blue eyes, family owns and operates a NASCAR Busch series race car in Charlotte, NC. Graduate of Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. Married to actress Francesca Buller since 1989. I was told that he has two young children. Who knows.

Farscape was my first exposure to this great actor and fantastic person. He plays Commander John Crichton on the series and has also appeared in "Memphis Belle," "A Kiss Before Dying," and Party of Five. Like the rest of the FS cast and crew, Ben is great people, always willing to take time out to please the fans. He's stopped by the chat room on more than one occassion and even dragged a few people along with him (like Gigi Edgley and Claudia Black). His usual chat handle is "greenshirt."

Ben is the most important 'shipper among us and I'll talk more about that below ^_^ Ben and his wife, Fran, both made an appearance at the recent Farscape Convention in Burbank, CA. Wish I was there. When it was Fran's turn to speak (she guest-starred most recently in the episode, "Scratch N' Sniff" as Traxxil), Ben snuck out into the audiance to watch her. Aww ^_^

Okay, now to the good stuff. The fantabulous 'shippiness and Ben's support of it that makes me love the guy! The relationship I'm talking about is, of course, Aeryn/John of Farscape and I'm happy to say that after two seasons of UST, this recent season was a dream come true, especially with Ben's "Green Eyed Monster." The episode was written completely by Crichton himself, with a few edits here and there, and has got to be the darling of the 'shippers. Ben and Claudia are fantastic people and are both doing their part to promote the 'shipp.. Ben in particular. At the recent convention in Burbank, during closing cermonies, Ben gave Claud a kiss on the cheek and when Lani Tupu (who plays Bilar Crais) tried to put his arm around her, Ben wisked her off stage and behind the curtain. At public events, they usually arrange to sit next to each other and I'm told that ben is incredibly protective of her. Very lovely. ^_^

Err.. characters. getting back to the Aeryn/John thing. Aeryn's a peacekeeper, which means she's been trained to fight and to repress her emotions.. kinda like a violent Vulcan. Heh. Her people are also against extended contact with unknown species -- of which Crichton is. She was deemed "irreversibly contaminated" and sentenced to death before Crichton "rescues" her. John, still a bit confused with the whole other side of the galaxy thing that's going on, just knows that Aeryn Sun is a pretty girl... that wants to kick his ass. It's love, people. ^_^ So, we get one season of John chasing Aeryn, one season of Aeryn and John dancing around each other before finally admitting their feelings.. right before Aeryn dies, and a third season of (finally) 'shipper heaven. Well, until epiosde 17 anyway. the FS PTBs like to frell with us. It's okay though, ya know? I believe in them. After all, we've got Ben on the writing staff! :D
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tuesday, october 2





First, I just wanna say that I'm pissed that ASH is a Special Guest Star! I can't believe Giles is actually leaving! This is so wrong! *sniffle* BOO!!

This was the weakest Buffy premiere I've ever seen. The 2 hours flew by, but the whole time i was thinking "what the hell kind of crack is Joss smoking??" Especially at the end when Buffy and Dawn pretty much fell down the last half of that tower. Someone should've broken something. The plot itself was too predictable: Buffy's the main character of the show. Buffy died. Of course she's going to be brought back. How? Oh, gee, we have two witches, let's do a crazy evil spell that'll have lots of consequences.

Ye gads, the Buffy-Bot. I never liked the Buffy-Bot, but I dunno. She was okay in this. The scene where she was making sandwiches in the kitchen was really sweet, especially when she hugged Dawn and said that she understood because Dawn was her sister. I felt bad when she went all tweaky. I can't believe the Hellions just.. I mean, I believe they did it, but damn.

Definitely like Spike even more. He's still a smart ass looking out for himself, but he's taking good care of Dawn at the same time. I guess it's because that was the last thing Buffy asked him to do. It's sad how he can't deal with Buffy-Bot's lovey-dovey comments, which he had programmed into her in the first place.

The ending was weird. I mean, it was probably really wrong of me, but I kept thinking, "Jump, Buffy, jump!" when she was back on the tower. Dawn finally got through to her, of course. Should be interesting to see what goes on next week with the Hell-Beast that's followed Buffy back.

And now.. random thoughts:

Aww... Spike is really broken up over this. He can't deal with the Buffy-Bot being flirty with him.

::shakes head:: Demon biker bar.

Holy shit! Willow just killed a fawn! OMG, Willow's going all darkside. Geez. And that spell. Holy crap this episode is dark and freaky.

Tara's much better. No more stuttering and she's got so much confidence. Good for her.

"Nothing can go wrong tonight." Famous last words, Will.

Yay Buffy-Bot! Kick ass!! Oh shit.. she's gonna lead them to Willow. Good job, Buffy-Bot. -_-;

Ew, nastiness. I don't need to see wrinkly, dead Buffy whore corpse. Eww.

Will has her season three hair cut. Good. I like it. It's cute. And Xander got himself a trim, too. Me like.

Geez, could they have found an uglier dress to bury Buffy in?

Oh-kay, Buffy's kicking ass. Like it a lot.

It's weird. Seeing Buffy freak and not recognize anyone. Reminds me of Season 3 when Angel came back from the Hell dimension and was all feral and stuff.

Spike: I'm not leaving you here by yourself, so forget it.
Dawn: I'm just saying..
Spike: No! I'm not leaving you to get hurt... not again.

"Demons, yeah, that's something you don't see every day... Unless you're us." - Xander

"You found the last known Urn of Osiris on eBay?" - Tara



posted on 10/2/2001 10:46:38 PM
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