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friday, march 29

Much gushing about LoTR and Two Towers teaser
Avoid if you do not want to be spoiled.
Then again the film has been in the theaters for 5 months already.
So why haven't you seen it yet?
LoTR: TTT. Kick. Ass. Teaser. I need to see this movie now! O_O The only thing that was a bit.. irritating were the scenes of Arwen.. er... passed out or whatever. That was really pointless. I don't like her much in the first movie as it is. Of course, the flashes of Legolas and Eomer (Karl Urban) were more than worth it :-D I can't remember everything in detail, but basically they seem to be setting an A & B plotline. A: Frodo and Sam are off doing *ahem* their thing, with Golem crashing in on the party. B: Everyone else is rallying behind Aragorn and the pretty elf to fight the war. What else... Lots and lots of shots of Eowyn. The revealing of Gandalf the White - Ian looks so much better when he's been cleaned up. Did I mention Karl Urban? *g* Ack, I can't wait!

This screening with the teaser at the end is a lot more satisfying. Otherwise it's kind of like, "um.. that's it? Erm..." I mean, there was actually a girl at college who didn't know that there were three movies and was pissed that Fellowship ended that way. Hell, I had to explain to her that they were filming two more, they were already mostly done and just have post-production left. Maybe some reshoots. Oi. Some people.

And now, for weirdness that was noted during the screening of the movie. In no particular order.

+ Agent Sm--I mean Elrond is far to ugly to be an elf. I'm sorry, but it's true. It's like he got beat with the magic ugly stick.

+ Legolas is the prettiest member of the Fellowship. He only got 13 lines and about half of them were one word comments. Pfft.

+ Aragorn talks funny. I had flashes of Egor. "Yeeesss, Mahster.."

+ Flaming vagina. Thank you avaaricious and pretzelsaregood for that lovely image... :-P

+ Bill. He's like the magic disappearing pony. Was he on the snowy mountain pass where they all got buried? Because... I didn't see him. And mines are no place for a horse, but a mountain pass is??

+ *teehee* Frodo & Sam

+ Legolas and his endless supply of arrows. What's up with that?

+ I'm sorry.. but could Boromir just hurry up and die already? Sheesh.

+ I want a Fellowship cloak, dammit.

I'm sure there were more, but as you know, I have swiss cheese brain and can't possibly be expected to remember everything. Needless to say I am still ecstatic over the whole thing.

Is it December yet?
posted on 3/29/2002 10:30:57 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

wednesday, march 20

Be on the lookout for the expanded version of "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring" in theaters. The special edition adds 4 mintues to the end of the first film, flushing out the abrupt ending that left people in a bit of a stupor. There will also be a trailer for "The Two Towers" after the additional footage.

Director Peter Jackson decided on a special release as a reward for all those fans who saw the movie several times in the theaters. I'm not sure when and where it's going to show up, but it has a confirmed premiere date of March 29, 2002 in Australia.
posted on 3/20/2002 09:26:50 AM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

tuesday, march 5


Dude, Anya picked the ugliest bridesmaid dresses. Ever. But she thinks they're beautiful.

Uncle Rory! That was so supposed to be Bruce Campbell! Bruce Campbell is Uncle Rory! And Xander's family is worse than Anya's demon family. Go figure. Anyway, we get to see Xander's parents finally. I can certainly believe all those tales of drunken woe.

Spike brought a date. He kept emphasizing the fact. In the words of Dawn, "she's a total skank." Oh, and yay, D'Hoffryn!

Okay, what?? Xander's future self comes back and tells him not to get married. Pfft. Magic orb is very bad.

Um.. so Xander's life sucks. Buffy's dead. Their kids are freaks. Xander's a bum. Anya's a bitter old lady. Anya cheated on Xander. Xander hits Anya with a frying pan.. I think.

EyE2eYe18: those dresses just keep looking uglier

Uhm, okay, Future!Xander is really a demon. A big, tall demon. Another one of Anya's victims. Actually, I'm surprised more of them haven't shown up to screw up her human life.

Xander's a spineless bastard. ::kicks Xander:: What the hell is wrong with him? One stupid vision. ::beats Xander with a stick:: And now Anya's gonna be a demon again! ::kicks Xander in the head:: Smooth move!

Although, I do sort of understand. He doesn't want them to end up like his parents. He doesn't want to end up hating Anya or Anya hating him. But... when your fiance has demon ties, you best be careful.


"Cousin Carol, your earrings are my cuff links." - Xander

"I must wear das cummerbund!" - Xander

"I've been meaning to cut down on that habit-forming oxygen." - Xander

"Oh, you're me from the future! I thought you were just some nutball." - Xander

"I hope you crash in your stupid pink car!" - Future!Xander to Future!Anya

"Sometimes, two people, all they bring each other is pain." - Future!Xander

"It's nice to watch you be happy." - Spike to Buffy

Spike: I don't see it alot. [Buffy being happy.] You glow.
Buffy: That's because the dress is radioactive.

"It's a good thing I realized I was gay, otherwise... You. Me. In formal wear." - Willow to Xander

"Is anyone else waiting for it to go poof? Maybe we can cover it with flowers." - Willow

Next week: Buffy not in Sunnydale. She's been a mental patient for 6 years. Kristine Sutherland guest stars.

posted on 3/5/2002 09:08:27 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

monday, march 4

Um, yeah, so spoilers below. We did chat again this week and I posted people's stuff in my ramblings. They're in italics. Wooh.





Angel makes a good dad. A cute, psychotic dad... I can't believe he's going to kill Connor.

When did Fred get a cellphone? And Fred & Gunn are making me ill. They need to stop. Their cuteness is blinding me. Gah. o_O

Holy crap that girl scared the shit out of me. That was.. ew...

Scifi1701D: WHAT THE FUCK!!
OzW 703: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OzW 703: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JennyEdu: yick
EyE2eYe18: excuse the language
OzW 703: that's some NASTY turret's!!!
Scifi1701D: That was nasty.

See? That was gross and unnecessary. David Greenwalt is on drugs. I mean, these scenes.. *sigh* The band guys looked like those mutants from "Hideous Mutant Freekz."

OzW 703: i dun think angel is gonna kill his kid. he'll probably cause him to be killed by doing something. those prophecies are always wierd like that

Whoa. Angel's getting pissy. He's hitting the blood a little hard. Though I understand where he's coming from. I really dislike children with their crying and their whining... um, yeah.

wtrnite2: k, so maybe Angel will kill his freaking out....i don't hate kids, i just can't stand 'em...guess that's close enough to hate :o)

Oh, so that's what they did with Connor's blood... they spiked Angel's regular supply with Connor's blood! Damn those people! Though the bar scene with Lilah was funny. I enjoy Stephanie Romanov ^_^

Scifi1701D: who the hell is that demon..?
OzW 703: lol, maybe its a transvestite demon, so it used to look differnt, so thats why angel doesn't recognize it

Ohmygodohmygodohmyohmygod!! Wesley!! Okay, I don't like that he kidnapped Connor, but I was so ready to believe that he was saving the baby. And then Justine - that stupid skank - SLIT HIS THROAT and nabbed Connor! Holy crap!

Oz Boy Genius: utah?
Oz Boy Genius: they're gonna raise a hick?! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay that was wrong. Lilah betrayed Sahjhan (sort of) and wants to nab Connor. Hotlz wants to raise the baby. Sahjhan wants Connor dead. Angel just wants his kid back. Holtz ran into some hell portal. Everyone forgot about Wes, so he's bleeding to death on his front lawn. And there's no new episode next week!

JennyEdu: the time jumping demon is the baby?
JennyEdu: maybe?


"Hey, vampires need to drink something red. Doesn't make me a bloodaholic." - Angel

Justine: You're wrong. You don't know what he's done for me, for all of us.
Wesley: It sounds like a nice cult.

"Don't you ever get tired of the femme fatale act?" - Angel to Lilah

"You're the new poster boy for human." - Lilah to Angel

"Did he boink your demon bride? Did he eat your mother?" - Lilah to Sahjhan, re: Angel




posted on 3/4/2002 10:13:41 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

sunday, march 3

Found this article at

Hey Spock, Lookin' Good ...
by Lakshmi Chaudhry
3:00 a.m. Sep. 5, 2000 PDT

Picture this:

James T. Kirk and his trusty First Officer Spock soap each other in a bathtub. X-Files' Agent Mulder enjoys a merry threesome with boss Walter Skinner and arch-nemesis Krycek. Better yet, Jedi apprentice Obi-Wan gets hot and heavy with his master Qui-Gon Jinn.

Welcome to the strange world of "slash," a wild, wacky, and increasingly popular sub-genre of online fan fiction. But this is fan fiction with a difference.

Based on popular television or movie characters, Slash stories always involve a homoerotic relationship, usually between men. And they are written almost entirely by women.

"Slash is another way of representing erotica," said slash expert Henry Jenkins, director of comparative studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "It's what women want male sexuality to look like."

The central message of slash is hard to miss: Women are turned on by the idea of two men having sex.

"For me, it's hot. It's sexy," said slash writer Zoe Rayne. "I like one guy. I put him with another guy I like. It's exciting for me."

Slash writers say they are challenging conventional notions about female sexuality. "It's the 'sauce-for-the-goose' explanation," writer Mary Ellen Curtin said. "No one argues the appeal of (lesbian) sex for men. It's something we accept readily."

While the concept may sound novel, slash is hardly a recent phenomenon. The genre derives its name from the first Kirk-Spock stories inspired by the original Star Trek series in the '60s. Slash writers then moved on to buddy shows such as Starsky & Hutch and never looked back.

The community grew rapidly once writers started putting their stories on the Web.

In the early days, stories were circulated either by hand at conventions or through small zines. Slash has now gone almost entirely online.

"The Internet has popularized fandoms much faster. People begin reading, writing, and communicating more quickly," Rayne said. She points to the explosion of slash literature spawned by the 1999 release of Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

"Within a year, there were several thousands of stories posted on the Net," she said.

From Homicide to Due South, almost every popular show, past and present, has its own fandom. Online archives contain hundreds of stories based on a mind-boggling array of movie and television characters, listed meticulously in alphabetical order.

While many such stories contain only PG- or G-rated content, a lot of slash is highly explicit. And the adult stories often get more traffic.

But fans are quick to differentiate slash from mainstream pornography.

"Most male-oriented porn is about escape from responsibility. It's about two anonymous bodies coming together," Jenkins said. "Here sex is embedded within long-standing relationships. It comes with baggage."

Although it focuses mostly on male/male relationships, slash is an expression of female desire. That may be why slash has a limited audience among gay men, but nearly 30 percent of its fans are lesbians. "Most gay porn is one-handed reading," Rayne said. "But that's not always the point of slash."

The relationship between the characters is usually highly emotional. Writers such as Rayne write stories that express the transcendence of love over sexual taboos. She is attracted to "first-time" scenarios, where straight male characters find themselves becoming sexually involved with one another.

"Slash explores the thin line between friendship and love," Jenkins said. "It slides over the line between homo-social and homoerotic."

Slash stories are not always about love, and include bondage and rape fantasies. But romantic or not, the stories mostly focus on the emotional aspect of sex.

Apart from its sexual appeal, the focus on male/male relationships is also a result of the lack of strong women characters. Curtin says it's hard to construct a heterosexual relationship when most of the interesting lead characters on television are men.

"Female characters may start out interesting but they usually get progressively more cardboardish and stupid," she said. "So if you want to write a romance, it ends up being slash. It's the dynamics of what's available on screen."

The increasing number of female-led shows, such as Xena, Warrior Princess or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has produced an explosion in female/female slash, but done little to dent its focus on men.

Slash writers say they avoid heterosexual relationships because they are inherently unequal. "A man and a woman are never going to start from the same place in terms of power," Rayne said.

But the genre's rapidly increasing popularity is creating lively debates about the definition of slash. Recent trends include Real Person Slash, which focuses on celebrities such as the Backstreet Boys, WWF stars, and NASCAR drivers.

But whatever the changes, slash is unlikely to get any less controversial. And slash writers will probably continue to receive a barrage of hate mail from outraged fans of popular shows.

"What I say about such people is that they don't know Kirk's ass from their own," Curtin said. "They identify too much."
posted on 3/3/2002 07:56:08 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t


Okay, I know the whole "removal of the rings" scene is supposed to be all touching and stuff, but is it wrong that I practically cheered and shouted "Now she's free for Vaughn!"

Will's an ass and I hope he gets fried by SD6. Okay, okay, I guess he's not that bad, but there's something about him that bugs me. And this whole time he's leading that Jane girl on.

I enjoy Dixon. I hope Syd can fill him in on the whole SD-6 is evil thing one day. Sloane is an asshole. Not that we don't already know that.. so I just thought I'd say it out loud. Again.

Awww, Vaughn wanted Syndey to ask him to Emily's house. But she asked stupid Will. Boo. Heh, Vaughn was so jealous when he found out Syd was going to the dinner with Will.

Did.. Sydney just say "hey sweetie" to Vaughn? Because, yeah, that would give me a cheap thrill.

Oh. Shit. I hope to hell that Sloane did not see Syd closing that safe...

HOLY SHIT!! I frelling knew it! As soon as Vaughn statered explaing it and acting all weird. It's a drawing of her!

Sydney: This is a bug?
Vaughn: Well, you should see the guys who made it. It's like they've never seen sunlight.

"You look really pretty." - Vaughn to Sydney


ABC Family has started airing Alias. Check listings for details.
posted on 3/3/2002 09:56:31 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

saturday, march 2

Went to the Battle of the Bands tonight at the Union. It was.. long. Started at 7pm and didn't end until nearly 11pm.

Left Behind: These guys sound a bit like Lifehouse, The Calling, et al. Not really bad, but they had that very Top 40 radio sound. They played a bunch of covers (changing them to match the way they play) including what the leader singer called a "medley they just came up with." I don't think that covering "Miserable" and "My Own Worst Enemy" by Lit, back-to-back in their entirety counts as a medley...

Low Budget Orchestra: Interesting sound. Reminds me a bit of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and some of the stuff that Velvet Chain does. Mostly original songs as far as I could tell, with one Tom Petty cover at the end. Very cool. The frontman was dressed in a suit & a pair of sneakers - I kinda liked it. The bassist was very, very cool. I dug her lots ^_^

A Backward Glance: Ugh, no wonder these guys looked so young - they're kids from the local high school. And they brought their punk friends with them. It's not that I don't like punk rock, but this kinda sucked. You couldn't hear anything over the guitars & drums and all the lead did was scream into the mic and spaz around. Okay, I know that's what a large majority of punk is, but still. And could someone please explain to me this... dance style? The one that's like moshing, but looks like you're kicking the crap out of people. I can't believe that won something T_T Also, they brought their little friends with them, so there were punk kids hopping around the front. There was a cute little bishounen though...

A Nice Dot: They was robbed!! Nice Dot has a very dreamy, trippy, experimental sound. Kind of like Portishead, I guess. Amelia's vocals kick ass - very pretty and melodic. They did a song that I remeber from last year, but I still don't know the name. -_-; The lyrics are basically, "you're so cold." Might be "Cold as sleep" or something. But all the songs they performed were original. They should have won, dammit.

Sydney: Yet another punk rock group, this one from Staten Island. I guess one of the kids goes to school here. I just am not digging the punk rock vibe tonight. *shrug* I think all their songs were original. Whatever. I didn't really like them.

STU: What can I say about STU? They're a ska group. *shrug* I work with two of the members so I can't not like the group. Heh. Honestly, I think they had an unfair advantage. First of all, their equipment actually worked. They perform at bars and stuff for actual money and some of the other haven't played anywhere other than Music Industry functions. Was it any surprise they won? Oh well. STU puts on a good show - lots of energy, original songs, and a kick-ass cover of "99 Red Balloons." Hell, they've even invented STU-style ska. :oP

Winners were announced after STU's set was done. They judged on crowd participation, response, etc, which sucks for the first groupd since there was like 10 people in the audiance. Third place went to Low Budget Orchestra. A Backward Glance got second. And, of course, STU got the big $200 grand prize.

You know, watching these bands perform tonight, I realized something... a guy in a band is strangely attractive. Like, normally I wouldn't be interested in any of them, mostly they're not my type. But boys in a band - that just adds a coolness factor. Especially when some of them are a little bishi. Mmm.. bishounen.
posted on 3/2/2002 01:22:05 AM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

This was posted at the Orlando Bloom Multimedia site, which for some reason keeps making my computer restart on its own. Thankfully, Sez sent me the direct link. I would kill for a video of this inteview...

Transcript of Orlando's interview on the Graham Norton show
March 2, 2002
Transcribed by Frogmella for The One Forum Board

Transcript of Orlando Bloom’s interview on So Graham Norton on Fri 1st March on Channel 4.
Graham Norton is a camp Irish presenter; very sharp and given to innuendo.

Graham Norton dons huge grey beard, turns on the dry ice and does a few ring and crack of doom gags, with Cybill Shepard still seated after a previous interview.

GN: But lo! Lo, see Leggie, Leggie….Lassie……the blonde one with the arrows! Orlando Bloom!
OB enters, looking surprisingly tasteful in jeans, pale shirt and black leather jacket.
(CS eyes him lustfully)
GN: Cybil’s a bit..
(OB grins, then pretends to look scared)
CS: Don’t be scared!
GN: Cause look at you- you’re it now!
OB: Am I? (looks bashful)
GN: Well, obviously, Orlando Bloom, we knew who you were blah blah. But now- you’re the new Leonardo Dicaprio!
OB: Leonardo Dicaprio?! (doesn’t look impressed)
GN: Seriously, you know, how many emails we put an email search- an internet search- on your name- 2900 results!
OB: No! (laughs)
GN: Yes! 5900 joining fan clubs for you. I mean, is that weird?
OB: Yes, that is weird, especially since I’m a technophobe- I don’t even have an email address. I don’t have a computer. I just haven’t seen any of it.
GN: Just as well. I have.
OB: Oh, great!
GN: Is it now, are women kind of throwing themselves at you?
OB: Well, not really, I have long blonde hair in the movie (points helpfully at short dark hair) and I don’t think people recognise me.
CS: I didn’t.
GN: Well, no, it is weird, you do look so different (holds up magazine cover shot of Legolas) he’s that one- did you have to look like that, is that how Leggie….Lou Lou looks like in the book?
OB: Yeah he’s just kind of Leggie Lou Lou ….(dissolves into laughter)
GN: What’s his name?
OB: Doesn’t matter, Leggie Lou Lou works great.
GN: I knew you weren’t a blonde (mutters)
OB: Pointy eared bow twanger works too…
GN: You started off as a kind of normal actor- Guildhall, you’ve got all the regular things..
OB: National Youth Theatre…
GN & OB: Casualty..
GN: London’s Burning…
OB: No..
GN: You didn’t do London’s Burning? You haven’t lived! But you did do Midsomer Murders?
OB: Yeah, actually I got that gig straight out, and I got LOTR and the very next day I walked into that audition and said “I’ve got LOTR!” and they said “do you want to do Midsomer Murders?” and I was like “yeah, ok…”
GN: Did you die?
OB: Yeah!! God, terribly, I died really badly, I got a pitchfork in the stomach (does impression of OTT drama school death scene) and did this awful death thing; it was terrible.
CS: What is this show?
GN: Midsomer Murders [TV murder mystery series set in Olde Englishe village]
CS: Where is that?
GN: It’s this village that has a murder rate higher than New York.
CS: Well the murder rate here in London is higher than New York.
GN: Really?
CS: Yes, that’s what they said on CNN.
GN: Oh, well. American station. They would.
GN: Another thing, very exciting. You’ve got into merchandising, here you are (brings out boxed Legolas doll)
CS: My god, you’re a doll!
OB: I’m a doll, isn’t that great, I’m a doll!
OB: (watches GN unwrap doll)He’s only asking cause he wants me to play with myself, don’t you?
GN: Do you know, it hadn’t crossed my mind? (expression of mock shock)
OB: Isn’t that great, my kid’s gonna play with my doll!
CS: Do you have a kid?
OB: No! (looks horrified)
GN: Not yet, Cybil (gives her a knowing look)
GN: Apparently, if you do that…(Legolas doll jerks its arm robotically)
Audience: oooooooh!
OB: You got a bit over excited..
GN: You can fire arrows!
OB: I’ve tried it (takes doll and helps GN fit arrow to bow)
GN: That’s so sweet! You know how to play with your own toy…
OB: I know.. (flicks arrow from toy)
(CS takes doll)
GN: Be nice ooooh look!
(CS puts doll down cleavage)
GN: Sorry, being distracted by what Cybil’s doing to you…
(CS has Legolas doll with jerking arm between her cleavage)
OB: I love it! Have you got a picture of that- that’s fantastic!
GN: What are you up to- what are you doing next?
OB: I’m doing a film in Australia with Heath Ledger
GN: Oooooh! From A Knight’s Tale?
OB: Yeah- the guy from A Knight’s Tale. It’s called Ned Kelly, he’s playing Ned Kelly and I’m playing one of his best mates; a bit of a ladies man, gonna be an Irish accent…
GN: Any help with the accent…
OB: Yes!
GN: Do you suppose they’ll put Heath Ledger in a big bucket?

Too difficult to put into words the rest of the show; Orlando didn’t say anything more anyway.

He came across as very good humoured and up for a laugh; fame doesn’t seem to have gone to his head too much.
posted on 3/2/2002 10:13:18 AM
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