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tuesday, august 21

Oh my frelling GOD! I can't believe this! This is the most frelled up season finale I have ever seen in my life!! ::eyes bugging out:: This thing was INSANE!!!

First, tons of info is revealed: Sara was taken from her birth parents and placed with the Pezzinis. Irons had James Pezzini killed, Dante was hired by Irons; the White Bulls work for Irons. Sara and her grandmother, Elizabeth Bronte, have special genetic makeups so that once they go through the Witchblade's periculum test, their blood has the power to prolong life and maybe more. Ian is created from the stem cells of Elizabeth Bronte.

Next, Jake really is FBI. Not that I didn't already know that. He setup a sting and it looked like he was going to kill Pez.. but nope, he didn't. And "Sara, I know my timing here sucks, but I'm in love with you"?! Whoa, where did that come from? I'm glad Dante got killed, the bastard. Holy jeebus, that Ian thing freaks me out to no end. Whenever he gets killed, another is created. The last one got killed because he was too "emotionally attached" to Sara. The next model was a bit more aggressive. You'll see why this is a problem shortly.

Jake dies. Crazy!Ian kills him. Heroic dumbass Gabriel goes to see what's going on (instead of calling 911 like Jake told him to) and before he gets off a shot, Ian nabs him. Sarah cuts a deal with Irons for Gabriel's life, and tells Nottingham to let Gabe go. Ian decides he "would be happy to free him... from his earthly bonds," and snaps his neck, despite Irons' protest against it. ::sniffle:: I LIKED Gabriel! He was cute!

On a weird note... Crazy!Ian is totally hot. A clean shaven Eric Etebari is definitely eye candy. Also.. I thought only Sara could see Danny? How did Gabriel manage?

The end of this episode is a jawdropper. It leaves nothing. This could be the end of the series or a new beginning. You know wanna know what I'm talking about? Sara kills Ian in a kick-ass battle then watches as Irons dies, denying him her blood. Elizabeth Bronte and the weird guy that kidnapped her at birth show to tell her that she can reverse time - only once - and that she would remember very little of what has happened. There would also be a huge and painful price. So what do you think Pez rewinds time to?! Right before she and Danny get the drop on Gallo! Danny's alive. Jake is wandering the street making secret pay phone calls (still trying to pin down the White Bulls, I guess). Obsessive!!Ian is alive and er.. well.

I really hope there's a second season. But then... where would that leave them? My guess is that they'll spend a couple episodes the next season revisiting this past season: Danny doesn't get killed. Joe Siri is probably still alive. Conchobar would still be Sara's boy toy (::swoon:: Love, love, love Kim De Lury. Should I be surprised that he's an Aussie? Probably not). Hopefully the White Bull thing would be exposed with Jake still on Pez's side. The nicer Ian would also be cool as Crazy!Ian was really freaking me out. From there on, it'll be a whole new deal. And hey - if she has to go through the Periculum again, at least she'll know what to expect.

"This is going straight to the 'Net, baby. This time next month you'll have more hits than Napster used to." - Gabriel Bowman

"Grateful, I am. Trusting, I'm not." - Sara Pezzini

"She graces the intersection of primal cause and pervasive entropy." - Ian Nottingham on Sara

"If you ever see me again, Sara, run." - Ian Nottingham

"I know I only exist because you allow it." - Ian Nottingham to Kenneth Irons

"Like you always say McCartey, go big or go home." - Sara Pezzini

"As you lay dying, Bruno, remember this: I warned you." - Kenneth Irons

"All is not what it seems." - Danny Woo

"You never know what someone's truly gonna do until they do it. 'Til the critical moment." - Danny Woo

"Hello, Angel, I never thought you'd get here." - Kenneth Irons to Sara

"Oh my god, Irons. What have you done?" - Sara Pezzini

"Behold, Sara, time runs both ways. Remember all that you've learned, my dear. Time is elastic, fluid, flexible - reversible. Use it." - Elizabeth Bronte

Sara: You ever have one of those moments where you feel something big just happened?
Danny: And you don't know what it was? Never. You're nuts.

"Let's get out of here. We've got time on our side." - Sara Pezzini

There's a huge 12 hour Witchblade marathon Sunday, August 26, 2001 starting at 10AM EST. Every episode so far (including the TV movie) will be shown.
posted on 8/21/2001 10:34:34 PM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

wednesday, august 1

My new obsession: TNT's new Witchblade series.

Okay, it's not a full-blown obsession yet, but I can feel it setting in. I've already invested sometime into searching for webpages and looking up clubs. Check out La Femme Fanatic's Witchblade page.

I am disappointed with a few details, but it's early yet in the series. For instance, in the comic, there are several people who wield the blade -- Ian Nottingham being another. And is it me or is Series!Ian (played by Eric "Kaos" Etebari) just really creepy and weird. He's not even slightly appealing. 'Cause Comic!Ian is supposed to be a total hottie. *shrug* Maybe Pezz'll treat the freak to a makeover. *g* Oh, yeah, and in the comic the blade is a lot more.. organic. Full armor and all that.

I'm interested in the whole Jake/Dante conspiracy and if Nottingham is gonna kick Jake's ass for betraying Sara. Of course, I'm hoping that Jake is really an undercover Fed or something. Also hoping that Conchobar will come back... because Cathain did mention something about being Sara being able to bring him back. I haven't followed the comic closely, so I don't have much insight about what's going on.

Witchblade question of the week: What is Kenneth Irons gonna do now that Nottingham has a brain of his own? Kinda...

Witchblade: the Series Official Site
Witchblade Mainia
posted on 8/1/2001 10:35:59 AM
.. l.i.n.k.i.t

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